• Colin Firth is a killer spy in new 'Kingsman' film

    Colin Firth is a "gentleman spy" with a killer umbrella and Samuel L. Jackson is a blood-hating villain with a lisp in Fox's forthcoming "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

  • Last survivor of The Ramones punk band dies

    Drummer Tommy Ramone, the last surviving founding member of the pioneering punk band The Ramones, has died, the band announced on social media Saturday.

  • ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ in need of some ‘exorcise’

    Nothing is scarier than watching a scary movie that is (ostensibly) based on true events. Despite the nightmares that ensue, the element of verisimilitude easily elevates any horror movie from failure to kitsch.

  • Korean suspenser ‘The Target’ changing the game

    What could be worse than being tangled in a mafia-backed crime? A lot of things could happen, especially when you have a battle-tested soldier on the wrong end of a long chase spanning 36 hours.

  • Toilet Blues: Reading between the frames

    Art house film Toilet Blues invites moviegoers to ponder heady decisions, freedom, charity and sins — and whether all of those really matter.

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction: More explosions, fewer shockwaves

    The latest sequel of the giant robot franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction (AoE), gives audiences the metal crushing and shredding explosions that they love — but only in terms of quantity, not quality.

  • Faultless adaption, cast

    It’s a simple story of girl meets boy, girl has cancer and so does the boy — and they fall in love. The hard part is that a cry fest is guaranteed in The Fault in Our Stars.

  • Vikings and dragons up the game

    DreamWorks did not waste any time announcing a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon soon after the movie’s huge success in 2010, but it took four years for the fans of dragon riders to witness the new adventures of Hiccup and Toothless.

  • Casey Kasem, king of the Top 40 countdown, dies

    Casey Kasem, the internationally famous radio broadcaster with the cheerful manner and gentle voice who became the king of the top 40 countdown with a syndicated show that ran for decades, died Sunday. He was 82.

  • ‘22 Jump Street’: Endless laughter guaranteed

    Sometimes, a successful sequel does not have to offer anything new — this is just what 22 Jump Street offers.

    The sequel to the 2012 cop-buddy comedy hit, 21 Jump Street, follows almost exactly the same formula.