• Indonesian pop star on trial over sex-tape scandal

    A court trial has begun for an Indonesian pop star accused of making sex videos with two celebrity girlfriends.

  • 'Deathly Hallows' charms fans with $61m in 1 day

    Harry Potter is on the way to his biggest magic act yet.

  • Kerry Negara — and her controversial film ‘A Loving Friend’

    The video-journalist Kerry Negara, presented her self-funded film entitled A Loving Friend at the 2010 Brisbane International Film Festival, which concluded in mid November.

  • James Yuill: On his own, immersed in electronic melancholia

    There is something riveting about electronic music. The visceral beats, the layers of sound, the buildup to a stop and a shattering climax — to return the same cycle. A bit like real life.

  • The Temper Trap: Your money’s worth

    You’d be hard pushed to find people who wouldn’t have instantly fallen under the spell of Sweet Disposition, when they first heard Temper Trap’s song on the soundtrack of the hit film (500) Days of Summer, a romantic comedy with an indie-feel.

  • A look at Beatles albums for sale on iTunes

    The Beatles' music is finally for sale on Apple Inc.'s iTunes. Single albums cost $12.99 and come with a mini-documentary about its making. Double albums cost $19.99. Here's a look at what's available:

  • The Beatles caved, who remains an iTunes holdout?

    With the Beatles finally on iTunes, Garth Brooks and AC/DC are among the few notable acts that continue to staunchly hold out, unwilling to agree to Apple's restrictive pricing schemes and loath to see their albums chopped into singles.

  • ‘Onrop!’ musical extravaganza starts this weekend

    This Saturday marks the opening of a live show in Jakarta. Onrop! is a musical extravaganza by award-winning writer-director Joko Anwar. The show is an imagining of Jakarta in the year 2020. It is about love, loss, isolation. It speaks of a city where the issues of intolerance and violence are have deepened to a critical point. Onrop! is also a comedy.

  • Melbourne band to temper Jakarta

    Melbourne four-man-band The Temper Trap has included Indonesia on its world tour and will be belting out its pulsating rhythms in Jakarta this Friday.

  • Doha aims at regional domination with Tribeca Film Festival

    There’s probably little that Qatar can’t do these days.

  • Cops and robbers

    A bunch of tough guys plotting a bank heist in downtown Los Angeles have to play a cat-and-mouse game with local police in this action movie.

  • The faux rock of Vampire Weekend

    Hip New York-based indie bands like The National, Interpol and The Walkmen choose to wallow in the gray emotions associated with coming of age. The National recounts a steady 30-something lifestyle.

  • Politics, Hollywood converge in Doha

    The Tribeca Film Festival was conceived nine years ago to help revive the economy of Lower Manhattan in the wake of 9/11.

  • A band of brothers

    After 14 years, Cozy Street Corner still plays music that celebrates freedom. That’s what motivated them to go onstage in the first place.

  • Hip-hop is not dead

    The eponymous single from Nas’ 2006 album Hip-Hop is Dead solemnly declared the severity hip-hop’s inevitable demise.

  • The tyranny of distance

    Living apart, or being in a long distance relationship, is tough. For some people it can be really frustrating. Long distance relationships definitely require strong trust, commitment and good communication.

  • ‘Step Up 3D’: Superfluous dance flick

    The seemingly superfluous third installment in the Step Up trilogy of dance movies, Step Up 3D (yes, in 3D) follows where Step Up 2 should have ended.

  • What the future holds for Stereophonics

    Stereophonics are something of a rare commodity in today’s music business. The Welsh rock band is long lasting.

  • For the love of Koes Plus

    Like many avid music fans, people who cherish the music of Koes Plus are part of a group with a distinct identity.

  • The X factor

    He dresses in black leather. He wears a black mask and a long wig. He wears full makeup and totes a beauty kit containing deadly weapons. He is the new superhero: Madame X.