• What’s in a name?

    A baby dolphin (right) comes up for air with its mother, "Panama," as they swim on Tuesday at Miami Seaquarium in Miami. The female dolphin calf was born April 11 to the 20-year-old "Panama." The Seaquarium launched a Facebook contest to name the calf with four name choices: Bali, Calypso, Fiji or Sanibel. The deadline for voting is May 13, 2014. (AP/Wilfredo Lee)

  • ‘Blood Ties’ runs thick in family drama

    Blood Ties will surprise those looking for a formulaic gangster film, as it contains a story that may give viewers something to think about after the house lights come up.

  • Leonardo and His Impeccable Six Swayed by Chemistry

    Seven-piece swing group Leonardo and His Impeccable Six may have been around for only a few years, but its members feel like they have been together way longer than that.

  • 'Grandmaster' nearly sweeps Hong Kong Film Awards

    Wong Kar Wai's much lauded kung fu epic The Grandmaster won a near-sweep of the Hong Kong Film Awards.

  • Hugh Dancy: Returning to Hannibal

    Despite constantly being pushed closer to, and pretty much over the edge of, madness, Dancy says his role will undergo a massive shift where he will be much more in control of his own destiny while constantly trying to hang onto his humanity.

  • ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ flies high in plot twist, action

    It’s hard to tell which character is the worst in an action movie: an undefeatable opponent or a sentimental villain.

  • Aksan Sjuman and the Committee of the Fest: Harmony in dissonance

    Aksan Sjuman thrives on the unpredictable when it comes to making music with Aksan Sjuman and the Committee of the Fest.

  • Documentary: Indonesians on being Indonesian

    When numbers fail, words of the people can best describe Indonesia.

    “[Indonesia] is like a dysfunctional family, but we can still put the fun in the dysfunctional,” said Vanessa, 37, a freelancer who lives in Jakarta.

  • The bearable darkness of street life in ‘Jalanan’

    Feature-length documentary Jalanan (Streetside) takes the audience on a journey through Jakarta’s underbelly — a realm flush with the endless stream of life’s wastewater, yet brimming with fleeting hope and optimism.

  • 'Captain America' sets April record with $96.2M

    Disney and Marvel could be one of the finest teams around.