• Guess what?: Indra finds talking in Javanese challenging

    JAKARTA: Actor Indra Birowo said he did not face many difficulties getting into character for his new role in his latest film, “Miracle: Jatuh Dari Surga” (Miracle: Falling from Heaven).

  • Guess what?: Nita to tie the knot in India

    JAKARTA: Model and presenter Nita Sofiani is ready to tie the knot with Bollywood actor Vin Rana.

  • Guess what?: Hannah proud of old habit

    Actress Hannah Al Rashid has become the butt of the jokes among the cast and crew of her latest movie, Skakmat (Checkmate), on account of her habit of putting on traditional topical oil before and after shooting fight scenes.

  • Guess what?: Dinda takes on acting challenge

    While most religious-themed films in Indonesia are drama-heavy, model and actress Dinda Kanyadewi took on the challenge of getting involved in Ifa Ifansyah’s new film, Pesantren Impian (Dream Islamic Boarding School).

  • Guess what?: Tanta’s recent close call on set

    Actor Tanta Ginting says that he almost had an accident during the shooting of his latest film, Skakmat (Checkmate).

  • Guess what?: Nikita learns cooking from grandmother

    Model and actress Nikita Willy says that she is currently learning about cooking as she considers it a skill that a woman has to master.

  • Guess what?: Chelsea wants more local film screenings

    Actress Chelsea Islan has expressed her hopes that the government and cinema owners will be more supportive of Indonesian films.

  • Guess what?: Sha Ine adapts herself for new film

    Having been absent from the business for 13 years, actress Sha Ine Febriyanti has had to readjust to return to the silver screen for Djenar Maesa Ayu’s Nay.

  • Guess what?: Dion earns money on Instagram

    Apart from acting, Dion Wiyoko also earns a lot of money through social media, as he is often appointed to promote events or products.

  • Opponent of Japanese-Americans' WWII treatment to be honored

    Relatives of a civil rights attorney being honored posthumously this week with America's highest civilian award for challenging the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II are alarmed by recent opposition to Syrian refugees resettling in the US.

  • Guess what?: Lukman enjoys being a creative producer

    Actor and director Lukman Sardi says that he enjoys his new role behind the scenes as a creative producer.

  • Guess what?: Joe limits work to balance life

    Actor Joe Taslim limits his involvement in film projects in order to spend more time with his family.

  • Guess what?: Reza upbeat on chances of winning Citra

    JAKARTA: Actor Reza Rahadian is optimistic that he will grab the Piala Citra award for Best Lead Actor at the Indonesia Film Festival (FFI) awards next week.

  • Guess what?: Gita Gutawa back to music

    JAKARTA: Singer Gita Gutawa has said she will return to Indonesia’s music scene after recently completing a Master’s program in economics at the University of Birmingham in England.

  • Guess what?: Herjunot takes piano lessons

    Actor Herjunot Ali decided to take piano lessons to reach a basic level for his latest film.

  • Guess what?: Anindya relaxed ahead of Miss Universe

    Putri Indonesia beauty pageant winner Anindya Kusuma Putri says she is all relaxed ahead of the Miss Universe 2015 competition that will be held on Dec. 20 in Las Vegas, the US.

  • Guess what?: Nia, Ardi welcome baby boy

    Actress Nia Ramadhani gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Pondok Indah Hospital in South Jakarta on Tuesday.

  • Guess what?: Delon wants to work on action film

    After establishing a career as a singer, Delon has set a new goal: showing off his martial arts skills on film.

  • Guess what?: Tatjana credits parents with motivating her to read

    Actress Tatjana Saphira says she now loves to read even though she did not like reading at all when she was younger.

  • Guess what?: Kevin passes out during shooting

    Actor Kevin Julio says he passed out numerous times while shooting his latest movie, Jagoan Instan (Instant Tough Guy).