• Guess what?: Marshanda loses custody of daughter

    JAKARTA: Actress and singer Andriani Marshanda has lost custody of her daughter, Sienna Ameera Kasyafani, to her ex-husband, Ben Kasyafani.

  • Guess what?: Kotak goes to acting class

    JAKARTA: The members of Kotak are gearing up for their first appearance on screen in Rock N’ Love, a new feature film.

  • Guess what?: Jerinx ‘SID’ and his diamond tattoo

    JAKARTA: Jerinx, the drummer of Bali-based punk-rock band SID, says that his tattoos play an important role in making him a better man.

  • Guess what?: Maliq & D’Essentials plan limited release

    JAKARTA: Pop-jazz band Maliq & D’Essentials are planning limited vinyl and cassette releases of Musik Pop (Pop Music), following their sixth album’s traditional CD-and-digital release in May.

  • Guess what?: Christian not ready to send son to school

    JAKARTA: Christian Sugiono says he’s enjoying watching his one-year-old son, Arjuna Zayan, grow up.

  • Guess what?: Reza plays a tough guy in ‘Tongkat Emas’

    JAKARTA: Reza Rahadian says that he’ll be acting against type in Ifa Isfansyah’s upcoming martial-arts action film Pendekar Tongkat Emas (The Golden Cane Warrior).

  • Guess what?: ‘Hatta’ biopic filmmakers research in Netherlands

    Director Erwin Arnada and screenwriter Salman Aristo (left) say they’ve found a treasure trove of information in the Netherlands for their upcoming biopic about one of Indonesia’s founding fathers, Mohammad Hatta.

  • Guess what?: Ariel is excited about college

    JAKARTA: Actress Ariel Tatum is so excited about her first months as a psychology student at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta that she actually rearranged her busy acting schedule to attend classes.

  • Guess what?: Judika to produce duet album with wife

    JAKARTA: Singer Judika Sihotang plans to record a duet album with his wife, Duma Riris Silalahi, arguing that it has been a while since a married couple released such an album.

  • Guess what?: 2PM to light up Jakarta

    JAKARTA: South Korean boy band 2PM will visit Jakarta on Dec. 5 on its world tour to promote its new full-length album Go Crazy!

  • Gondrong Gunarto, Striving for a gamelan metamorphosis

    Contemporary gamelan musician Gondrong Gunarto has been familiar with traditional wayang shadow puppet plays, Javanese dance and poetry singing since childhood.

  • Guess what?: Maia reveals businessman boyfriend

    Singer Maia Estianty has revealed a little about the man she has been seeing since her divorce from musician Ahmad Dhani in 2008.

  • Guess what?: Ringgo addicted to social media

    Actor and presenter Ringgo Agus Rahman says he depends on social media for the latest information.

  • Reza Rahadian watches two films per day

    As panel judge for the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI), prominent actor Reza Rahadian said he had to watch 46 feature films in 20 days to prepare for the festival.

  • Guess what?: Sandhy releases 4th album in Berlin

    JAKARTA: Singer Sandhy Sondoro recently released his latest album, titled Vulnerability, in Berlin, Germany. The album, his fourth, was previously launched in Indonesia in August.

  • Guess what?: Whulandary brings own food to work

    JAKARTA: Former Putri Indonesia Whulandary Herman says she likes to bring home-cooked meals when she has to work long hours.

  • Guess what?: KLa releases new compilation album

    JAKARTA: The KLa Project is launching a new album titled Grand KLakustik to celebrate its 26th anniversary. Songs on the album were taken from the band’s “Grand KLakustik Concert” last year, which was organized to commemorate the rockers’ quarter-century in the music industry.

  • Guess what?: Joshua enjoys hosting TV show

    JAKARTA: Former child singer Joshua Suherman says he wants to shift from music to presenting on television.

  • Guess what?: Ria has cancer, undergoing chemo

    JAKARTA: Ria Irawan says she’s undergoing chemotherapy for a lymphoma.

  • Guess what?: Pandji preaches time managment

    JAKARTA: Comic Pandji Pragiwaksono says a drive for success is keeping him busy.

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