• Daniela Ruah: Happy with her roles

    Before going deep undercover to infiltrate the underworld and bring down criminals in her special agent role in popular action series NCIS: Los Angeles, actress Daniela Ruah honed her acting skills in Portuguese soap operas.

  • Guess what?: Dennis to get ‘AADC?’ sequel

    JAKARTA: Actor Dennis Adishwara, who plays the nerdy Memet in the popular flick Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (What’s Up with Love?), said on Wednesday that he had received a script for the film’s upcoming sequel.

  • Guess what?: Chico cycles a lot for ‘Kartini’ movie

    JAKARTA: Actor Chico Jericho is honing his skill at riding bikes in preparation for the upcoming biopic Surat Cinta Kartini (Kartini’s Love Letter).

  • Guess what?: Budi ‘Doremi’ hits silver screen

    Singer-songwriter Budi “Doremi” is back with an acting job in a feature film called Catatan Akhir Kuliah (College’s End Notes).

  • Guess what?: Maudy Ayunda takes selfie with British PM

    Model-actress-singer Maudy Ayunda, 20, has posted a selfie picture of her posing with British Prime Minister David Cameron on her Instagram account, @maudyayunda.

  • Guess what?: Aurelie Moeremans nearly got robbed in South Jakarta

    JAKARTA: Model and actress Aurelie Moeremans says that she nearly got robbed when she was on her way home a couple of weeks ago.

  • Guess what?: Jessica Mila targets master’s degree in psychology

    JAKARTA: The star of the sinetron (soap opera) Ganteng Ganteng Serigala (Handsome Wolves), Jessica Mila, 22, said that psychology was her preferred field for a master’s degree in the future.

  • Guess what?: Revalina eating for two

    Actress Revalina S Temat is on top of the world after finding out |she is pregnant.

  • Guess what?: Chris Brown cancels Jakarta concert

    Via Twitter, American R&B singer Chris Brown has declared that he is canceling his upcoming concert in Indonesia.

  • Guess what?: Special treats for Idul Fitri

    For singer Siti Liza, Idul Fitri was the perfect time to welcome guests into her home with special dishes.

  • Guess what?: Indro celebrates Idul Fitri in hospital

    At the time when most people were enjoying the holiday season, comedian Indro “Warkop” had to be rushed to hospital because of dehydration.

  • Guess what?: Nycta plans to continue studying medicine

    JAKARTA: Actress Nycta Gina says she plans to marry Rizki Kinos soon, as she plans to continue studying to become a medical specialist.

  • Guess what?: Crystal plans to climb Mt. Lawu

    JAKARTA: Most people plan to spend Idul Fitri holidays with their families but rapper Crystal Opera has a different way to celebrate.

  • Guess what?: Hanna Al Rashid misses UK-styled kebabs

    Celebrating Idul Fitri in Indonesia over the past seven years, Hanna Al Rashid said that she misses having UK-style kebab sandwiches.

  • Guess what?: Ridho Rhoma hosts Idul Fitri fun games

    When spending time with the family during Idul Fitri, the celebration which marks the end of the fasting month Ramadhan, singer Ridho Irama said he usually hosts fun games.

  • Guess what?: Indro feels presence of Dono and Kasino

    Comedian Indro Warkop says he always feels excited when appearing in comedy films.

  • Guess what?: Zaskia in serious relationship

    Dangdut singer Zaskia Gotik says she is currently in a serious relationship with a man and that she is ready to marry him.

  • Guess what?: Sophia loves playing comedy

    Actress Sophia Latjuba has just wrapped up a major role in a new action comedy flick Comic 8: Casino Kings Part 1 and she says she enjoyed the experience.

  • Guess what?: Ridho to stay in Jakarta during Idul Fitri

    Dangdut singer Ridho Roma Irama says he will not go to Yemen to visit his extended family during this year’s Idul Fitri.

  • Guess what?: Kevin Julio, Jessica Mila to release romantic duet

    JAKARTA: Having acted together in several soap operas, young actors Kevin Julio and Jessica Mila are now aiming to break into the music industry with their first romantic duet titled “Teman atau Kekasih” (Friend or Lover).