• Police found 10-kg bomb in Tamanjeka

    A homemade bomb weighing about10 kilograms was found in a hut on a farm during a sweep by soldiers and police officers in Tamanjeka hamlet in Masani village, Poso Pesisir district, Central Sulawesi, on Sunday at about 9 a.m.

  • From ghost town to boomtown

    This city got its name from the long-haired, shrieking ghosts who were thought to have inhabited the riverfront settlement, and which the founding sultan expelled by firing cannon shots.

  • Medan to expand free Internet for residents

    The Medan administration in North Sumatra has pledged to provide free public Internet access to the city over the next six years.

  • Airsoft gun owners to report to Papua cops

    The Papua Police and the Papua chapter of the Indonesian Shooting Association (Perbakin) want airsoft gun owners to register their guns following reports of hundreds of unauthorized airsoft guns in the province.

  • Suspect in Ahmadiyah mosque attack detained

    The police have named a representative of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) Bandung Raya, M. Asep Abdurahman alias Utep, a suspect in the attack on the mosque belonging to Ahmadiyah followers in Bandung on Thursday evening.

  • Young people across Indonesia mark Youth Pledge Day

    Thousands of young people marked the 84th anniversary of Youth Pledge Day in Jakarta and other big cities across the country on Sunday.

  • Lil' chefs

    Children learn how to cook vegetable pastries from a professional chef at a hotel in Palembang, South Sumatra, on Sunday. Several hotels offered cooking classes for children during the Idul Adha long weekend.

  • Seven dead from dysentery in S. Sumatra outbreak

    Seven people have died and 203 people have been infected in a dysentery outbreak in four villages in South Sumatra, according to health officials.

  • Police arrest Ahmadiyah mosque vandal

    Bandung Police have arrested M. Asep Abdurahman, aka Utep, an Islam Defenders Front (FPI) member, and named him a suspect of Thursday night’s attack on the Ahmadiyah An-Nasir mosque.

  • Governor wants JAT leaders in Poso arrested

    Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola is calling for the arrest of members of the Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) extremist group in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

  • Park’s 91st anniversary gets creative

    The Surakarta administration is continuing its commitment to develop Balekambang Park, built by King KGPAA Mangkunegaran VII on Oct. 26, 1921, by organizing the Balekambang Art Market to celebrate the park’s 91st anniversary.

  • Outsiders told to stay off Papua campus

    Non-student protesters should stop using the Cenderawasih University (Uncen) campus in Jayapura, Papua, as a place to hide if they are being pursued by local police during rallies, according to the head of a student board.

  • Cops aim at illegal logging in W. Sumatra

    The West Sumatra Police have placed cracking down on illegal logging on the top of their to-do list, following deforestation that has exacerbated floods in the province.

  • Conference yields Yogya Declaration

    Delegations from 50 countries and various other organizations attending the fifth Asia Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction agreed on Friday to implement the “Yogyakarta Declaration on Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia and Pacific 2012” over the next two years.

  • In Klaten, Nobel winner speaks of helping poor

    Muhammad Yunus, the Bangladeshi banker and economist who won a Nobel Prize for his work in microfinancing, has some words of advice for local businesses.

  • Marine life

    A dead whale washes up along Widarapayung beach in Cilacap, Central Java, on Thursday. The whale, which was 10 meters in length, was initially discovered some 25 meters from the seashore. 

  • Asia Pacific nations ink declaration on disaster risk reduction

    Fifty Asia Pacific nations and institutions signed on Thursday the Yogyakarta Declaration on Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) in Asia and the Pacific.

  • No Idul Adha celebration for Ahmadis in Bandung

    Dozens of Ahmadiyah followers in Bandung, West Java, were barred from performing Idul Adha prayer and slaughtering animals during the Islamic day of sacrifice on Friday.

  • Art market held until Sunday at Balekambang Park

    Continuing former mayor Joko Widodo's legacy, an art market is being held from today until Sunday at Balekambang Park, as part of its 91st anniversary celebration.

  • Celebrating in advance

    An-Nadzir congregation members hold Idul Adha prayer in Mawang Village, Gowa, South Sulawesi, on Thursday. The congregation did a manual calculation based on the hilal (crescent moon sighting) and high tide observation to set the Islamic Day of Sacrifice for Thursday, a day earlier than when the majority of Muslims will celebrate it.

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