• Papua to buy 10 Twin Otter airplanes

    The Papua Legislative Council has given the go-ahead for the provincial administration to buy 10 DHC-6 Twin Otter twin-engine turboprop airplanes worth Rp 15 billion (US$1.49 million), Yan Mandenas, chairman of the council's Commission D, said on Friday.

  • Riau in state of emergency due to haze

    The government finally declared a state of emergency in Riau starting on Friday following worsening haze from forest fires in three regencies and municipalities in the province.

  • Religiously unwanted

    Shiites have been evicted from their homes in Omben and Gading Laok districts in Sampang, Madura over the past year, because they have a different faith to the majority sunni. The local clerics have given them an ultimatum, whether they want to be declared as heretics or are willing to be converted
    to the majority sunni faith.

  • Misty road

    Bikers in Pekanbaru, Riau must be very careful when they use the roads nowadays as the city is still covered in thick fog, as seen on Friday. Riau administration has asked the National  Mitigation Disaster Agency (BNPB) to make artificial rain to  extinguish peat fires that continue to burn in many locations in Sumatra and  West Kalimantan.

  • Solo gears up for annual batik carnival

    This year’s Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) will be a bit different compared to previous years as at least five other cities, namely Batam, Lampung, Balikpapan, Bandung and North Jakarta, will join the annual event scheduled for June 29 in Surakarta, or Solo, in Central Java.

  • Residents, tourists warned about illicit alcoholic beverages

    The Customs and Excise Office has warned residents and foreign tourists to be careful when consuming alcoholic beverages following the circulation of adulterated alcohol in the market.

  • 127 fires detected in Riau

    The National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) says that the number of fires in Indonesia have increased from June 16 to June 19, especially in Riau province, Sumatra. The agency recorded 148 fires on June 18 and 141 on June 19.

  • Police arrest 123 illegal immigrants in Bandung

    Bandung Police arrested 123 illegal immigrants from Iran that were staying overnight in two villas in Ciwidey, Bandung regency, West Java, while waiting to be dispatched to Australia by a boat from Cijayanti Beach, Cianjur regency.

  • Sentani Lake Festival

    Papuans perform a tribal dance, Isolo, on board a vessel during the opening of the Sixth Sentani Lake Festival at Kalkhote tourist resort in Jayapura, the capital of Papua province, on Wednesday. The annual revelry, which will last until Saturday, features local cultural attractions.

  • Fuel hike likely to hit tourism hard

    As the intended increase in fuel prices nears its deadline, people in the tourist industry expressed deep concern as the hike would certainly affect their businesses.

  • UGM-made extensometer applied in China, Myanmar

    A landslide early warning device, known as an extensometer, created by lecturers from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) school of engineering, has reportedly been utilized in Myanmar and China. But unfortunately it has not yet been widely used at home despite the device’s affordable price and Indonesia’s vulnerability to landslides.

  • Hardline groups still active, recruiting

    As a number of terror suspects remain at large across Central Sulawesi residents have been warned about the possibility of further orchestrated attacks by organized cells.

  • Residents allowed using ID for mayoral race

    Bandung administration will allow its residents, who are apparently not registered in the voters' list for the upcoming mayoral election, to cast their votes by showing their ID (KTP) to officials at polling stations.

  • Another Semarang cop tests positive

    A police officer has been questioned on suspicion of being a drug dealer. Adj. Second Inps. Ariyawan was detained after an test showed him to be a drug user.

  • Risk management, information exchange to be highlighted at customs meeting

    The government is planning to raise the risk management and information exchange issues at today’s APEC Sub-committee meeting on Customs Procedures (SCCP) held in Medan, North Sumatra.

  • WALHI asks police to act against land, forest burning

    The Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI) has urged law enforcers to take tough measures against the alleged perpetrators of land and forest burning, which have caused raging fires in Riau.

  • Thick haze sparks respiratory infections in Riau

    Thick haze blanketing Bengkalis regency and Dumai City in Riau over the last few days has increased the number of respiratory infections.

  • Bengkalis calls for firefighting assistance

    Overwhelmed with peatland fires in three villages in Bukit Batu district, Bengkalis regency, Riau, the local administration is calling upon the central government to immediately dispatch assistance to help it tackle the disaster.

  • Extreme weather, water shortage impede fire extinguishing efforts in Riau

    Manggala Agni fire-fighting team from the Riau Natural Resource Conservation Center (BBKSDA) has been overwhelmed in attempts to prevent raging peatland fires across some areas in Riau province, due to extreme weather and lack of water.

  • Police to send Poso suicide bomber remains to Jakarta

    The Central Sulawesi Police will send the remains of 34-year-old suicide bomber Zainul Arifin to Jakarta this evening to be later buried in his hometown of Lamongan, East Java.