• Officials bust online trader in protected animals

    Protected animals are being sold online through websites such as Facebook and the popular Internet community Kaskus, an official says.

  • Reuse and reduce use

    A member of the Environment Conscious Teenagers Community (KRPL) wears a recycled outfit during a campaign to encourage people to use less plastic bags in Bandung, West Java, on Friday. Plastic shopping bags have raised the ire of environmentalists as they often end up as litter.

  • 450 people set record by performing in ‘karawitan’ for 24 hours nonstop

    Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) is recognizing a record-breaking 24-hour performance of classic Javanese music at the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta that ended on Firday.

  • RI’s longest arch truss bridge launched in Siak

    Riau Governor Rusli Zainal finally launched the Sultan Abdul Djalil Rachmadsyah Bridge in Sungai Tengah Village, Sabak Auh District, Siak Regency on Friday, after the launch had been delayed several times.

  • No work today

    A man sits amid the Buddha statues in a craft shop on Jl. Kunti in Denpasar on Friday. The Bali Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) said that at least eight areas in Denpasar were inundated after a downpour hit the city from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. local time.

  • 2,100 officers to secure Christmas, New Year celebrations in Riau Islands

    The police say they will deploy 2,100 officers to safeguard churches and public places as Christmas and New Year’s Day are observed throughout Riau Islands province.

  • Businesses expected to stay in W. Java, despite wage increase

    The West Java administration is hoping that garment industry executives will not relocate their businesses to other provinces after the local minimum wage goes up in 2013.

  • Violation victims demand vindication

    Victims of serious human rights violations are demanding the government restore their good name and straighten out history with regard to the outrages they experienced in the past.

  • Suspect in Pamulang student’s murder arrested

    The Pamulang police have arrested a 17-year-old teenager, identified as SH, for allegedly murdering Dwi Saputro, 14, a junior high school student found dead last week in Pondok Benda subdistrict in Pamulang, South Tangerang.

  • Pekanbaru tax break in

    A group of men broke in the Pekanbaru tax office, immobilized three security guards and took Rp 120 million (US$12,400) cash and 13 registration documents and land certificates early on Thursday morning.

  • 26 illegal immigrants nabbed in Dumai

    As many as 26 illegal immigrants from various countries were arrested by police in Medang Kampai precinct, Dumai, Riau, early on Thursday.

  • Flowery bride

    Bride-to-be Oriza Savitry (second from right) partakes in the flower bathing ritual, locally known as seumanoe pucok, at her home in Tanjung village, Aceh Besar regency on Wednesday. Aceh girls should carry out the ritual the day before their wedding day.

  • Illegal logging damages Morowali Conservation Park

    The Morowali Conservation Park in Central Sulawesi has been damaged by illegal logging and mining activities that allegedly have been authorized by Morowali Regent Anwar Hafid, the Mining Advocacy Network (Jatam) has revealed.

  • Two journalists reportedly assaulted in Aceh

    A journalist group in Aceh has urged local police to investigate the attack against two journalists in East Aceh.

  • Film praised by victims, shocks students

    Victims of the 1965 coup blamed on the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) have praised a documentary on the alleged killings that took place in the coup’s aftermath, but added that the film did not disclose all the historical facts.

  • Regental election in Bangkalan runs safely

    The regental election in Bangkalan, Madura, East Java on Wednesday, ran safely and smoothly despite the riots that erupted following Monday’s disqualification of one pair of candidates.

  • Workers movement: Apathetic, fragmented, chaotic

    The labor movement calling for an increase in North Sumatra’s minimum wage is now in jeopardy after workers grouped under the Federation of Indonesian Prosperity and Trade Unions (KSBSI) gave up and accepted the recently approved wage rate.

  • Bali hopes for rosier new year after stunning economic growth in 2012

    The holiday resort island of Bali will soon wrap up the year 2012 with outstanding economic performance that has boosted its annual growth to 6.6 percent, higher than the average national economic growth of only 6.1 percent, a prominent banker has said.

  • Garuda launches Balikpapan-Tarakan route

    National flag carrier PT Garuda Indonesia opened a new route connecting Balikpapan and Tarakan in East Kalimantan on Wednesday.

  • Happy couples

    A group of newlyweds participate in a parade following a mass wedding ceremony on the occasion of the distinctive date of 12/12/12 in Madukismo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, on Wednesday. The ceremony, held at 12:12 p.m., was participated in by 12 Indonesian couples and 12 foreign couples.

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