• Two migrant workers die in Malaysia

    Two Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKIs) from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), have reportedly died at their workplace in Malaysia. Husband and wife Ramli, 34, and Sahrim, 36, are believed to have been victims of physical abuse.

  • Central Java residents to speak Javanese once a week

    The Central Java provincial administration is to oblige residents in the region to speak Javanese once a week during both formal and informal occasions.

  • Defendant admits attacking man at prayer

    Abdul Kholiq, a defendant in a religious violence case being tried at Sleman District Court in Yogyakarta, admitted on Monday that he beat an individual at the house of Julius Felicianus in Ngaglik, Sleman, when the latter was hosting a rosary prayer last May.

  • Five die in shop-house fire

    Five people died when a fire raged through two shop-houses in Pasar Sentral Market in Bulukumba regency, South Sulawesi, early Monday.

  • One shot and killed, 23 homes razed

    A shooting incident and a fire took place in Warnyeti village, Tanahrubuh district, South Manokwari regency, Papua, on Sunday, due to rumors that a child had been run over by a motorcycle.

  • Farmers complain of declining clove prices

    Clove farmers on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), have complained about the further declining price of the commodity. They have urged the government to regulate and stabilize the price of cloves on the market.

  • Police nab 4 in C. Sulawesi

    Police in Central Sulawesi arrested four men in three separate raids on Monday.

  • Sampit blanketed by thick haze

    Thick haze, allegedly caused by land fires, covered Sampit in East Kotawaringin regency, Central Kalimantan, on Monday.

  • Prolonged drought could destroy Cirebon’s rice fields

    Thousands of hectares (ha) of rice fields in Cirebon regency, West Java, are at risk of crop failure due to drought.

  • Mt. Slamet status empties Baturraden tourist resort

    The increased alert status of Mount Slamet in Central Java has stopped tourists from visiting the popular natural resort of Baturraden in Banyumas regency.

  • Lighting falls, hits musician

    Strong winds caused lighting to fall and hit a musician on the last day of Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) festival at Vastenburg Fort, Surakarta, Central Java, on Saturday.

  • Body evacuated in Freeport mine collapse

    The body of drilling operator Roby Hermawan, who was buried when an underground mine in Papua collapsed, was evacuated and flown to his hometown of Garut, West Java, on Sunday.

  • Molotov cocktail thrown at police post

    Unidentified men threw Molotov cocktails at a traffic police post at the intersection of Jl. Urip Sumohardjo and Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan, Makassar, early on Sunday. No injuries were reported.

  • 14 die, 12 missing as boat sinks

    As many as 14 people have died while 12 others remain missing after their boat sank in Sula Islands regency, North Maluku waters on Sunday due to bad weather.

  • Molotov cocktails thrown at S. Sulawesi police post

    Unknown assailants threw two Molotov cocktails at a traffic police post in Tello, Makassar, South Sulawesi, early on Sunday, causing minor damage and no injuries.

  • 4 Turks, 3 locals arrested in C. Sulawesi

    Police officers from the National Police’s Densus 88 counterterrorism squad and Parigi Moutong Police arrested on Saturday afternoon seven people, including four Turkish nationals, suspected to have ties to the Islamic State (IS) organization.

  • Semarang student murder suspect arrested

    The Semarang Police have announced the arrest of a man deemed responsible for the death of Diponegoro University student Ina Winarni in her uncle’s house at the Griya Estetika housing complex in Semarang, Central Java, on Tuesday.


  • Pekanbaru blanketed by fog

    Thick fog allegedly originating from forest fires covered Pekanbaru, Riau on Saturday, causing low visibility and pollution.

  • Thousands in Java heartland endure drought, clean water crisis

    Residents of Gunungkidul regency in Yogyakarta and in 12 regencies in Central Java have begun to feel the pinch of a prolonged drought.

  • Thousands wowed by local, international artists

    Around 3,000 people filled the Vastenburg Fortress in downtown Surakarta, Central Java, on Thursday evening to watch the opening night performance of the Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2015 festival.