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  • Cubism

    A man looks at art during a press preview for "Cubism: The Leonard A. Lauder Collection " a major exhibition of the essential Cubists—Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Fernand Léger, and Pablo Picasso at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Tuesday. The exhibition will mark the first time that the Collection is shown in its entirety. It features 81 paintings, works on paper, and sculpture: 17 by Braque, 15 by Gris, 15 by Léger, and 34 by Picasso. (AFP/ Timothy A. Clary)

  • Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale offers widened scope

    A total of 72 artists — 40 of whom are Indonesians and 30 international — are taking part in the event, which runs until Oct. 13 at the Indonesian National Gallery on Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur in Central Jakarta.

  • Heaven Tanudiredja: Taking designing to the next level

    Heaven Tanudiredja never planned to be a jewelry designer. Instead, a career in fashion design was always in his sights.

  • ‘Subject to Object’, a homecoming creation

    Jewelry designer Heaven Tanudiredja has marked his homecoming after spending 10 years in Antwerp, Belgium, by holding his first exhibition in Jakarta.

  • Conserving nature through paintings

    He was skillfully maneuvering his paintbrush on a canvas with one hand, while his other held a palette with a variety of different color paints.

  • Culture, history, architecture - through a designer’s eyes

    When looking for books for children that are both educational and entertaining parents today in Indonesia are, with one caveat, spoiled for choice.

  • Art for Sale: Good days of art collecting

    During the Indonesian painting boom around 2007, a growing number of works by Indonesian contemporary artists fetched higher and higher prices, exceeding the prices of those by the country’s old masters, or established names.

  • Creating ‘gringsing’, a study in patience

    Patience attains almost a state of grace in the hands of Tenganan village’s gringsing weavers.

  • Loose wires, dusty relics and searching for Bali’s history

    Visitors to the Bali History Museum in Denpasar might remember the final scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, when a historical treasure is boxed up, shelved and forgotten.

  • Artist looks upon himself in EXHIBITION

    A pair of grotesque sculptures hangs in the middle of the National Gallery’s main hall.

  • ‘Art Brut’ of Ni Tanjung on show in Lausanne

    For decades, Ni Nyoman Tanjung lived with her husband in a small wooden shack, building a repository for her gods and ancestors — painted volcanic rocks resembling faces — on the side of a small road in Buda Keling, near Karangasem in Bali.

  • Retracing the artistic journey of maestro Ahmad Sadali

    Maestro Ahmad Sadali may have passed away over two decades ago, but his legacy lives on and continues to inspire younger generations.

  • Carving by eye, Kamoro style

    The wood carvings of the Asmat people of Papua are famous throughout the world. However, the Kamoro people who live near Timika, the capital of Mimika regency, have a tradition of carving that rivals their peers in other parts of the province.

  • Wood & Good offers a modern look at tradition

    Since ancient times, wood has played an important role in human life. It is the material used to build houses, make utensils and create fuel. But wood also represents the cultural identities of many regions and ethnic groups.

  • ‘ParaBola’ cartoonists look at soccer’s other side

    The Red-and-White may not have made it to Brazil, but that’s not stopping a group of local cartoonists from “participating” in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

  • Artists depart from high art in ‘Manifesto #4’

    The biannual grand exhibition at the National Gallery in Central Jakarta features reflections on the daily life of a modern society.

  • Arbotics:Transmutation art and science

    An exhibition aims to fuse the surging streams of art and science, showcasing works of art that represent scientific curiosity and artistic imagination by means of robotic play.

  • ‘No Country’: Common borders in contemporary art

    A contemporary art exhibition is exploring the intertwined histories of nations in South and Southeast Asia and the dynamic relations that challenge typical definitions of the regions.

  • Tracing art forgeries

    A group of art enthusiasts has released a book on identifying fake paintings in an effort to provide reference for fellow collectors to avoid buying forgeries while encouraging discussion of fiding solutions.

  • From Java to the world

    Wayang puppet maker Mulyono of Gunungan art workshop has expanded his mastery in the Javanese-style art by creating gunungan, or mountain symbols seen in wayang shows, with batik-style carvings from Pekalongan, Central Java.

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