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  • Drug resistance found worldwide, new drugs needed

    Bacteria resistant to antibiotics have now spread to every part of the world and might lead to a future where minor infections could kill, according to a report published Wednesday by the World Health Organization.

  • Studies find new drugs greatly lower cholesterol

    A new class of experimental medicines can dramatically lower cholesterol, raising hopes of a fresh option for people who can't tolerate or don't get enough help from Lipitor and other statin drugs that have been used for this for decades.

  • London skeletons reveal secrets of the Black Death

    You can learn a lot from a tooth. Molars taken from skeletons unearthed by work on a new London railway line are revealing secrets of the medieval Black Death — and of its victims.

  • 4 women with new wombs are trying to get pregnant

    A Swedish doctor says four women who received transplanted wombs have had embryos transferred into them in an attempt to get pregnant.

  • Urban Chat: Speaking about the one who speaks a thousand words

    That a picture speaks a thousand words is certainly a well known phrase. And from the moment the digital age met with social media, everyone has spoken a thousand pictures.

  • Caffeine common in US kids, youths; mainly soda

    Nearly 3 out of 4 US children and young adults consume at least some caffeine, mostly from soda, tea and coffee. The rate didn't budge much over a decade, although soda use declined and energy drinks became an increasingly common source, a government analysis finds.

  • Health Sense: Spotting age-related macular degeneration early

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an often overlooked eye condition. Many older people may not know that they have AMD, which, if not treated in time, can lead to blindness. They may miss out on small changes in vision, and wrongly assume them to be symptoms caused by aging. By the time their vision has deteriorated enough, it may be too late.

  • Health Sense: Plastic surgery and expectations for your nip/tuck

    When a doctor claims that he has had no complications ever in his experience, it may be wise to reconsider.

  • Health Sense: How to treat acute and chronic pain

    The most important thing in the treatment of pain is the correct diagnosis.

    For acute pain problems, this is usually straightforward. Acute pain in the limbs, joints and the spine is often related to a sprain consequent to an injury. In severe cases, a muscle tendon or ligament tear is the reason. In some patients, an acute limb pain is from a sudden slipped disc compressing nerve roots.

  • Health Sense: Night sweats: When it’s not just the hot summer evening

    Night sweats are a common outpatient complaint, but there is no data regarding its actual frequency.

    For many, night sweats can be highly disruptive of sleep, especially for those waking up in the middle of the night with their hair soaked, sheets drenched and sweat pouring off.