• 'Grandmaster' nearly sweeps Hong Kong Film Awards

    Wong Kar Wai's much lauded kung fu epic The Grandmaster won a near-sweep of the Hong Kong Film Awards.

  • Hugh Dancy: Returning to Hannibal

    Despite constantly being pushed closer to, and pretty much over the edge of, madness, Dancy says his role will undergo a massive shift where he will be much more in control of his own destiny while constantly trying to hang onto his humanity.

  • ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ flies high in plot twist, action

    It’s hard to tell which character is the worst in an action movie: an undefeatable opponent or a sentimental villain.

  • Aksan Sjuman and the Committee of the Fest: Harmony in dissonance

    Aksan Sjuman thrives on the unpredictable when it comes to making music with Aksan Sjuman and the Committee of the Fest.

  • Documentary: Indonesians on being Indonesian

    When numbers fail, words of the people can best describe Indonesia.

    “[Indonesia] is like a dysfunctional family, but we can still put the fun in the dysfunctional,” said Vanessa, 37, a freelancer who lives in Jakarta.

  • The bearable darkness of street life in ‘Jalanan’

    Feature-length documentary Jalanan (Streetside) takes the audience on a journey through Jakarta’s underbelly — a realm flush with the endless stream of life’s wastewater, yet brimming with fleeting hope and optimism.

  • 'Captain America' sets April record with $96.2M

    Disney and Marvel could be one of the finest teams around.

  • Giant Tetris

    People watch the classic video game Tetris being played on the 29-story Cira Centre in Philadelphia, on Saturday using hundreds of LED lights embedded in its glass facade. The spectacle kicks off a citywide series of events called Philly Tech Week and also celebrates the upcoming 30th anniversary of Tetris. (AP/ Joseph Kaczmarek)

  • A date with crooner Lionel Richie

    The hustle and bustle of Jakarta on Thursday evening was soon replaced by excitement at the Jakarta Convention Center in Senayan, Central Jakarta.

  • ‘3600 Detik’ a heart-warming teen flick

    For better or worse, everyone just needs one good person to bring out the best of them.

    Teen movie 3600 Detik (3,600 Seconds) promises just that — a heart-warming story that centers on Sandra, played by newcomer Sheryl “Shae” Gething.