• ‘The Revenant’ A gorgeous looking revenge flick

    The Revenant is a beautiful looking movie but a dispassionate one.

  • ‘Deadpool’ Superhero movie filled with self-aware humor

    Deadpool is a Marvel Comics superhero for the cynically witty age; a super-powered mercenary with a funky-filthy mouth and fondness for pointing out superhero comics, movies and cultural cliches.

  • S. Korea ready to invest in local film industry

    The removal of the local film industry from the negative investment list (DNI) has paved the way for countries like South Korea to invest in Indonesia, an agency head has said.

  • ‘Room’, a story of imprisonment told through innocent eyes

    What if the world that you knew consisted only of a room with four walls and a ceiling? For Jack (Jacob Tremblay), a five-year-old boy imprisoned from birth with his mother, Joy (Brie Larson), the room he lives in constitutes the whole universe. Such is the premise of a powerful, heartbreaking new film entitled Room.

  • Indonesian jazz prodigy to perform at Grammys

    Jazz prodigy Joey Alexander has made history by becoming the first Indonesian musician to be nominated for a Grammy Award and is set to perform during the event's ceremony on Feb. 15.

  • Yanni continues to embrace the unknown with new music, tour

    Yanni, who has performed across the globe and whose sound is arguably its own genre of music, says his method is simple: He embraces the unknown.

  • Berlin Film Festival jury questioned over diversity

    The Berlin International Film Festival became embroiled Thursday in the debate about diversity in the movie industry, with jury president Meryl Streep dismissing questions about the all-white panel by telling reporters that "we're all Africans, really."

  • Berlin Film Festival to open in German capital

    The Berlin International Film Festival is opening in the German capital —the first of the year's major European movie festivals — with Meryl Streep presiding over the jury that will choose the winners.

  • Preview: Stars-studded concert

    Canadian indie pop mainstay Stars is to perform its first-ever concert on these shores on Feb. 12 at the Soehanna Hall, which is located within The Energy Building in the SCBD area of South Jakarta.

  • Stage version of 'Frozen' to be directed by Broadway veteran

    Disney has tapped one of Broadway's freshest talents to direct one of its most anticipated musicals, "Frozen."

  • Red Lobster enjoys sales surge after mention in Beyonce song

    Red Lobster says it's feeling the "Beyonce Bounce." The seafood chain known for its cheddar biscuits says sales surged 33 percent on Sunday, compared with last year's Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Movie groups support greater foreign investment

    At least 11 local film associations have announced support for the government's plan to revise the negative investment list (DNI), to allow greater foreign ownership in certain sectors, including the film industry.

  • The Choice: Nicholas Sparks' latest adaptation for Valentine's Day

    Travis Parker (Benjamin Walker), a charming veterinarian at the beach town of Beaufort repeatedly says this line throughout the film to Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer), a smart yet feisty medical student who has just moved in next door.

  • Ex-bodyguard testifies about lewd messages sent to Paltrow

    A jury hearing a case against an Ohio man charged with stalking Gwyneth Paltrow heard testimony Tuesday about pornographic messages and sex toys he sent her earlier in her career.

  • Review: Coldplay lets Beyonce, Bruno Mars overshadow band

    Give Chris Martin and Coldplay credit: It takes a certain lack of ego for musicians to essentially let themselves be upstaged at their own Super Bowl show.

  • Beyonce announces 2016 Formation World Tour

    Beyonce is working overtime this weekend: After releasing a new song Saturday and performing at the Super Bowl on Sunday, she's announced a new stadium tour.

  • ‘Aach ... Aku Jatuh Cinta’ a chaotic love story

    Garin Nugroho’s latest foray into romantic drama weighs on the artistic side with poor delivery of a story.

  • ‘THE FINEST HOURS’ Monotonous yet enjoyable

    Seasickness guaranteed: brilliant CGI storms, not so brilliant accents.

  • Celine Dion to speak but won't sing at Rene Angelil memorial

    Celine Dion will address the audience, but she isn't expected to sing at the memorial in Las Vegas for Rene Angelil, her husband and manager credited launching with her career.

  • The Revenant: Oscar-worthy brutal yet touching story of survival

    Leonardo DiCaprio has already collected two trophies for this movie, one Golden Globe and another from the Screen Actors Guild. But, one question remains, will he finally bring home an Oscar?