• Stories of Seoul & modern dating

    The latest Korean romcom has the decency to be brutally honest about relationships as people see them today.

  • Joan Jett emotional on induction into Rock Hall

    Joan Jett couldn't keep her rough rocker edge for long.

  • Ringo Starr, Green Day, Bill Withers enter Rock Hall

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is welcoming its newest class, featuring a Beatle, three punks from California and a guitar god from Texas.

  • Gwen Stefani, Usher perform for thousands at Earth Day rally

    A daylong Earth Day concert had R&B star Usher dancing on crutches Saturday on the National Mall to rally thousands for political action to confront climate change and poverty.

  • Shallow, superficial and vainglorious

    Ada Surga Di Rumahmu (There Is Heaven In Your Home) is produced by Mizan and directed by Aditya Gumay, the team behind the Muslim film Emak Ingin Naik Haji (Emak Wants to Go on Haj).

  • Biggest Japanese music festival hits Jakarta, its first stop overseas.

    Japan Night brings some of the most respected Japanese bands to town to "spread the love and appreciation of Japanese music".

  • ‘20, Once Again’ never grows old

    What would an elderly lady do after finding herself at the perfect age — and with the perfect physical appearance needed to realize her long forgotten dreams?

  • Film Review: ‘Air dan Api’: A sincere yet ordinary tribute to firefighters

    The motto for Indonesian firefighters — “Pantang Pulang Sebelum Padam”, which means “we will never go home until the fire is out”, is at the core of their lives and outlook on life.

  • Eddie Cahyono: For the sake of the audience

    The audience is everything for filmmaker Eddie Cahyono. Every time he directs a movie, whether independent or commercial, he wants to make sure that the audience is entertained.

  • ‘Kampung Zombie’ Indonesia gets its first zombie flick

    After all, images of the “walking dead” evoke Hollywood – and fans are quick to pick up every nuance: are they walkers or runners? Are the zombies made through airborne viruses, or do you need to get bit?

  • Indonesian movies: Step to center stage

    A massive campaign to instill pride in Indonesian movies starts this month, syncing up filmmakers and the creative industry with the government, businesses and moviegoers.

  • Still kickin’

    Mexican-born guitarist Carlos Santana performs during the 2015 Cumbre Tajin music festival in Papantla, Mexico, on Monday. (AP/Felix Marquez)

  • Obituary: Actor, restaurateur Frans Tumbuan dies at 76

    Seasoned actor Frans Tumbuan and father of the iconic Jaya Pub died on Monday after years of struggling with diabetes. He was 76.

  • Scratch and spin with DJ Yasmin

    Since Fahria Yasmin Baladraf, a.k.a. DJ Yasmin, stepped into the local electronic-dance music industry, her sounds have always ignited excitement on the dance floors, putting her on the list of top local DJs.

  • Chris Minh Doky: A knight of jazz

    Musician Chris Minh Doky is a knight, literally — and his ultimate weapon is an upright bass, which he calls “the Silent Bass”.

  • Viddsee streams Asian films to audiences

    “Short films are not screened in film theaters — and therefore are not censored either,” local film critic Makbul Mubarak said. “This makes them the most critical and honest medium so far in terms of filmmaking. Now, Viddsee can take this role. People don’t need to go to film festivals anymore to find these kind of films.”

  • Every day is Disney for Sandra Dewi

    The classic Disney movies have kept children — and some adults — dreaming for almost a century.

  • Live-action ‘Cinderella’ enlivens classic tale with twists

    When Walt Disney Pictures releases the live-action Cinderella inspired by its 1950 animated feature, some might think: Do we need another adaptation of the fairy tale?

  • Grooming Indonesian film makers for the global market

    Four teams of young and talented Indonesian filmmakers went into an incubation program, called the Microschool, seeking a way into the global market.

  • Damien Dematra: A Humanist Film Maker

    Benefiting people is the only focus set by director Damien Dematra every time the idea of making a new film comes to his mind.

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