• Local Natives: In a happy place with their new album

    Shedding the emotional, sophomoric record they released just last year, American indie rock band Local Natives is currently on cloud nine as they hit the studio again to work on their new album.

  • Billy Joel to set Madison Square Garden record

    Billy Joel will set a record for the most performances by any artist at Madison Square Garden with his upcoming 65th show scheduled for this summer.

  • Florida woman latest to accuse Cosby of forced sex

    A Florida woman who came forward Thursday became the fourth in recent weeks to say Bill Cosby gave her pills that made her feel groggy then forced himself on her sexually.

  • TV Land pulls 'Cosby Show' from lineup

    NBC has scrapped a Bill Cosby comedy that was under development and TV Land will stop airing reruns of "The Cosby Show," moves that came a day after another woman came forward claiming that the once-beloved comic had sexually assaulted her.

  • Bob Marley heirs join US firm to launch pot brand

    A U.S. private equity firm announced Tuesday it has joined the family of late reggae star Bob Marley in hopes of building what it touts as the "world's first global cannabis brand."

  • Bill Cosby hunkers down as rape scandal rages

    After Bill Cosby settled a civil lawsuit in 2006 alleging that he'd repeatedly sexually assaulted a woman, his image as America's dad may have been temporarily tarnished, but was far from destroyed.

  • 'Dumb and Dumber To' tops box office with $38.1M

    At the movies, idiocy never goes out of style.

  • ‘Big Hero 6’ A funny, action-packed superhero film

    Big Hero 6, the latest addition to the list of action-packed superhero movies, offers an animated riff on the genre, giving fans a chance to feast their eyes on extravagant visual treats.

  • The Cat Empire: A band with no genre

    While The Cat Empire is referred to as an “Australian ska and jazz” band by the media; this depiction does them no justice, as their performances also include elements of funk, reggae and even hip-hop to entertain audiences — and to prompt people into dancing all night long.

  • 'Big Hero 6,' 'Interstellar' soar at box office

    A team of animated Marvel characters rocketed past a group of wormhole-bound astronauts at the weekend box office.

  • Michael Learns To Rock: Still learning to rock after 25 years

    Romantic lyrics accompanied by catchy tunes that catch the hearts of those who are in love or heartbroken are the trademark of the band, which was established in 1988 by vocalist and keyboardist Jascha Richter, guitarist Mikkel Lentz and drummer Kare Wanscher. There was another guitarist, Soren Madsen, when the band was formed, but he left in 2000.

  • ‘Mantan Terindah’ Dramatic portrayal of not-so-love-torn sorrow

    Hiding under a cheesy title, romantic drama Mantan Terindah (The Most Beautiful Ex) is a film about romance during the quarter-life crisis – a theme rarely explored in the Indonesian movie scene.

  • RI movie wins best direction at Tokyo Int’l festival

    Indonesian movie directors the Safdie brothers, Joshua and Benny have secured a best direction win at the Tokyo International Movie Festival for their film Heaven Knows What.

  • Spirits move 'Ouija' to No. 1 at the box office

    The spirits moved "Ouija" to No. 1 at the box office, with the board-game adaption leading the weekend with a $20 million debut, according to studio estimates Sunday.

  • Urging new local filmmakers to be more productive, resilient

    “Maryam was accepted by the Venice International Film Festival committee but it had also received rejections from other festivals. I also initially did not know that the Maryam film had been accepted to be included in Venice,” Sidi says.

  • An upbeat musical party at SoundsFair Festival

    Festival organizers brought an assorted mix of pop, rock, electronica and experimental music performances to an indoor venue in the heart of the capital.

  • Korea-Indonesia Festival screens cream of movie crop

    The Korea-Indonesia Film Festival is hosting free screenings of award-winning movies from both countries.

  • Michael Bublé to hold concert in Indonesia next year

    Canadian singer Michael Bublé, 39, will hold his first concert in Indonesia early next year.

  • ‘Grace’: A modern take on an Asian horror story

    Delivered with a Western approach and in an urban setting, HBO Asia’s horror mini-series Grace brings a story of a cursed family shrouded with Asian folk elements very close to the hearts of Southeast Asian viewers.

  • Matt Basile: Taking it out onto the street

    The phenomenal Fidel Gastro is what happened when Matt Basile left his mundane life as a corporate man and started a pop-up craze in North America.

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