• Lola’s films in Library of Congress

    Negeri Tanpa Telinga (A Nation without Ears), a feature film by actress and filmmaker Lola Amaria, has become an item in the Library of Congress archives in the US.

  • Legend performs tribute set at Sundance

    The opening-night documentary at the Sundance Film Festival closed with a superstar concert. After the credits rolled on What Happened, Miss Simone? John Legend took the stage to pay tribute to its subject, Nina Simone.

  • Christina Perri to highlight Java Jazz

    Good news for fans of pop singers Jessie J and Christina Perri (right) as the two artists has confirmed their participation in the 2015 Java Jazz Festival (JJF) at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

  • Guess what?: ‘Silat’ throws back Prisia

    Award-winning actress Prisia Nasution, 30, is set to relive the old days playing a national pencak silat athlete in action movie 3 (Alif, Lam, Mim).

  • The charm of Gorontalo’s Karawo embroidery

    Karsum Dunda still can’t believe where fate has taken her. Once a simple fabric-cutter, she now runs her own embroidery business.

  • Michele Campanella: Reviving the romantic works of Chopin and Liszt

    In the first week of 2015, Jakarta was entertained by a solo piano recital by Italian maestro Michele Campanella.

    The modest pianist began his recital with “Ballade No. 3 in As Major”, composed by Frederic Chopin. The main melody in the initial phase flowed beautifully, with controlled volume and power and deep melancholy.

  • Guess what?: Cynthia says she has the acting bug

    Singer Cynthia Lamusu says she’s become addicted to the big screen after landing parts in several movies and musicals.

  • Guess what?: Baim to play Sukarno again

    Actor Baim Wong says he will reprise his role as Sukarno in a new movie about the nation’s famous revolutionary military commander, Gen. Soedirman.

  • bookWORM; Sidi Saleh: Connect to the world through print

    Award-winning filmmaker Sidi Saleh says books are vitamins for his brain. They have become a connecting door between him and the world, through which he can try to understand other people’s minds.

  • India pays tribute to Indonesia via festival

    Indonesians will have the chance to get to know India’s culture better in the coming months during a four-month festival launched by the Indian Embassy.

  • Urban Chat: His version, her version, the public consensus and the elusive truth

    Everybody who’s had a lovers’ spat must be familiar with that famous line. Usually, and this is my experience talking, after gaining timely wisdom one may look back to acknowledge that the truth was somewhere between one’s and the significant other’s versions. If one is that lucky.

  • Posting provocation, tweeting pluralism in Malang

    Just before Christmas, suburban commuters ran a gauntlet of posters pegged alongside main roads leading into the East Java city of Malang.

  • Travel: Must-visit spots on west Bali’s south coast, especially for surfers

    When driving along the southern coast of Bali to the west, passing the famous Tanah Lot Temple, one can hope to find several interesting attractions worthy of a visit.

  • Anggun shows support for slain French cop

    Anggun C. Sasmi took to Twitter to express sympathy for Ahmed Merabet, one of the French police officers shot dead during the attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris.

  • Cameron Diaz marries punk band boyfriend

    A-list actress Cameron Diaz has married her musician boyfriend Benji Madden in a private ceremony at their Beverly Hills home.

  • Chelsea proud of performance in ’98 movie

    Chelsea Islan says she’s proud of her work in tyro director Lukman Sardi’s Reform-Era movie Di Balik 98 (Behind ‘98)

  • Macabre transformed to the sublime

    At first glance, reliefs being sculpted onto plywood appear to be of rice flour pastes, however, on closer viewing a more macabre substance is found.

  • Nailing environmental care

    If dawn joggers hadn’t been forewarned they’d have been frightened. An advancing column of almost 50 determined marchers armed with steel bars, hammers and other ugly weapons. Some lug ladders, obviously to scale barriers.

  • Ayu Sutarto: Traditional games offer more than just play

    After the rain stopped on Tuesday afternoon, children began leaving their simple houses along the Bedadung River in Jember, East Java.

  • A fishy story with a catch

    In life there are many significant Fs. Like fashion, friends, family, food, faith and, of course, football. But these are minnows, so let’s get real and use the Big F word - fishing.

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