• Itsy-bitsy 'facekinis' a hit for China white skin lovers

    Ever more Chinese women are embracing the "facekini" to protect them from the sun and the threat of a tan on a trip to the beach.

  • Alarm sounded over Myanmar's betel habit

    As he maneuvers his taxi through the barely moving traffic of downtown Yangon, Myo Min Htaike's jaw methodically pounds a pulpy mass of nuts and tobacco, his teeth stained a dark blood-red.

  • Merkel tops guest list at legendary Bayreuth Festival

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel topped the guest list Saturday of the gala opening of the Bayreuth Festival, one of the highlights in Germany's cultural calendar.

  • Meet the cast

    In between filming at Infinite Studios in Batam, Riau Islands, the key cast members of Halfworlds talked to journalists about their roles, stories from the set and being away from home. The interview, which was held in two sessions, went on in a relaxing, fluid manner with the actors pulling each other’s legs while dropping hints about what to expect from the series.

  • Shakespeare reigns at France's Avignon theatre festival

    Shakespeare is still going strong after all these centuries, even in France, where an annual European theater festival just finished in the southern city of Avignon showcased several of the Bard's works.

  • Tiny Palestinian village facing demolition fights for survival

    The bulldozers could arrive at any moment to tear down the tiny Palestinian village, but this time those who call it home say they will not leave.

  • Images: Idul Fitri, celebration for all

    With the end of Ramadhan last week, Indonesian Muslims are celebrating the Idul Fitri holidays. We share some
    photographs showing how we celebrated Eid this year. Muslims across the archipelago used the day to forgive each other and gather with families and friends.

  • Oh no, Louis! 1D fans react to report Tomlinson to be a dad

    One Direction fans reacted with dismay Wednesday to a report that band member Louis Tomlinson is to become a father.

  • Laudya Cynthia Bella: Detaching from worldly business

    In her quest for inner peace, actress and singer Laudya Cynthia Bella has decided to get closer to her Creator. And covering herself from top to toe is among her many ways of achieving her goal.

  • Lombok’s majestic ‘tenun’

    Top Indonesian designers Barli Asmara and Dian Pelangi, as well as newcomer, Zaskia Sungkar have showcased their work utilizing the exquisite tenun woven fabrics of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, for the first time to Indonesian audiences.

  • Urban Chat: Has humanity been warned of its own demise?

    Relax -- this is not a piece about the US Supreme Court granting marriage rights to gay couples. I’ll leave that hot debate to others. This is about the larger picture of humanity, gays and straights alike.

  • Solar Impulse lands in Hawaii, completing historic flight

    The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft completed a historic flight in its quest to circle the globe without consuming a drop of fuel, touching down gracefully in Hawaii on Friday after the most arduous leg of its journey.

  • Social Enterprise Awards 2015: Inspiring social change

    For these six creative and inspiring social enterprises, lying back while expecting funding from donors is so last-decade.

  • Kim Kardashian says sexy selfies can be empowering

    The big reveal from Kim Kardashian's guest turn for San Francisco's revered Commonwealth Club of California on Tuesday night? She was wearing maternity Spanx under her black designer dress to conceal cellulite, not her pregnant belly.

  • Facebook's Zuckerberg wants to figure out social equation

    Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg figures there could be a formula that explains how people think.

  • King Barrett: eyes ultimate WWE prize

    In today’s pro-wrestling industry, Stuart Alexander Bennett, popularly known by his ring name King Barrett, has become one of the most prominent and most celebrated figures.

  • 'Babbler' birds use primitive language: Study

    A bird in Australia is able to string together sounds and mix them up in order to communicate different meanings to others, a skill previously attributed only to humans, researchers said Monday.

  • Aboriginal experience inspires artist Abramovic decades on

    Performance artist Marina Abramovic is known for putting her body on the line -- from cutting herself, to walking thousands of kilometers along China's Great Wall, to having a loaded gun pointed at her head.

  • Coral gardening beckons ecotourists to restore reefs

    Coral reefs are fragile and in danger worldwide, but a growing movement to restore them is based on the science of breaking off pieces in order to grow more, known as coral gardening.

  • 'Jurassic World' still king of N. America box office

    The dinosaurs of "Jurassic World" stayed atop the cinematic food chain this weekend, snapping up another US$54.5 million to keep Pixar's "Inside Out" in second place at the North American box office, figures showed Monday.