• Urban Chat: The long, winding and loaded street of Asia-Afrika

    No, it’s not a typo. I did mean “Asia-Afrika”, not “Asia-Africa”. Because this is not about the much-hyped 60th anniversary of a certain conference held here this week, but about the street named after the conference that many of us pass every week.

  • Asia and Australia feature strongly at Cannes

    The organizers of the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday unveiled a line-up this year that confirms the burgeoning talent from Asia and Australia, while throwing in a couple of crowd-pleasing big-budget pictures alongside a slew of arthouse offerings.

  • Urban Chat: Waiting longer to raise my glass

    It’s that time again for the collective social pulse when the great alcohol debate rages on, fueled this time by the government’s hastily concocted policy to restrict beer retail sales.

  • Indonesia’s Secret World

    Referring to numbers instead of words probably dates back to the 6th century, according to cultural historian Ismail Lutfi.

  • Crowning Characters

    How we express ourselves to the outside world is written in our hair style and clothing choices. Young punks with vivid mohawks, granny’s going grey, young girls with the hair flick and even some very famous wizards promote their character through their hairstyles.

  • Anji changes lyrical style for new songs

    Singer Erdian Aji Prihartanto, popularly known as Anji, says that he has changed his lyrical style to include more positive vibes compared to his earlier works.

  • The gut/brain axis and happier, smarter kids

    While some parents might think that the human digestive system is only involved in absorbing nutrients, proponents of the gut/brain axis say that a healthy gut is important for growing children.

  • A Good Friday in Flores

    Catholics in Kamba, Flores observed Good Friday in their own unique way.

  • Sally Koeswanto: Back in black, white & gold

    There was a welcome surprise in the fashion world with the return of prominent artisan Sally Koeswanto.

  • Obituary: Famed Betawi comedian, dancer ‘Mpok’ Nori dies at 84

    Nuri Sarinuri, the famed Betawi comedian and dancer known by her stage name Mpok Nori, died on Friday due to asthma. She was 84.

  • MElANIE C is Blown AWAY by Asian acts

    London-based pop star Melanie Chisholm, better known as Melanie C or Mel C, is on an Asian adventure after being appointed as a judge on the Asia’s Got Talent TV show.

  • Blessed harmony

    Communion with her gods once meant preparing flowers, fruits, grains and meats, offerings Michaela Dwi Arianti knew would carry her prayers on sandalwood-scented smoke to the heavens. If she was fortunate, the gods would accept kindly her gifts and answer her prayers.

  • ‘Sarang semut’ a traditional herbal medicine

    For generations, people in Papua have been making a traditional drink from a local plant called sarang semut, which has antioxidants that some claim have huge health benefits.

  • ‘Chopped’ Pushing up-and-coming chefs to the limit

    Emmy Award-winning Ted Allen, the longtime host for American-based Chopped television show, speaks about the most recent season of the show.

  • First African group wins Astrid Lindgren prize

    An association that promotes reading among children became on Tuesday the first African group to win the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the world's largest prize for children's and young people's literature.

  • Bernard T. Wahyu Wiryanta: In the wild, hunting without killing

    Only a few people are interested in wildlife photography, a profession requiring tough effort in the wild and fairly long and expensive preparations — and with a very low certainty of securing good pictures.

  • Film, decay & forgotten dreams

    A man sits at a worktable, using alcohol and cotton balls to clean a reel of 16 millimeter (mm) celluloid film.

  • Aucky Hinting: Assisted reproductive technology as contemporary art

    When one attends an art exhibition, one usually hopes to find a number of things: it may be beauty, the unfolding of an imaginary world or the expression of social commentary or political protest.

  • The fresh essence of Spring/Summer

    From everyday styles to glamorous cocktail dresses, designers offered their latest prêt-à-porter from their Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week.

  • Urban Chat: The dawn of the age of hospital amenities

    If you’re keeping up with current health news, you’ll notice that dengue fever has returned with a vengeance this year, with Jakarta alone recording 1,042 cases, including its governor and little old me.

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