• Cokelat Monggo: How sweet it is

    It was 18 years ago when Cokelat Monggo was first produced in Yogyakarta by a Belgian named Thierry Detournay. Today, the chocolate, originally named Kulit Cokelat, has become one of the most popular snack gifts from Yogyakarta.

  • Mata Aksara ‘books’ children a future

    “I believed that if I read aloud to my unborn child then she would also develop a love of reading,” Heni said. “I wanted her to be clever.”

  • Images: Preserving and protecting the forests of Baduy

    As the Earth is getting warmer, people are encouraged to actively take part in programs dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment because it is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Hasjim Djalal: Standing for a maritime nation

    Hasjim Djalal turned 80 on Feb. 25. Internationally, he is known as an expert in the law of the sea — and as one of the nation’s most respected diplomats.

  • Investing strategies from ‘Venus’

    When Tara Meilina was still single, she never thought of allocating some of her monthly income for investment.

  • The art of simplicity in traditional weddings

    Three bridal artists — a fashion designer, makeup artist and hair stylist — agree that simplicity is the “it” style this year and maybe next year.

  • Resurrecting community

    Humble eggs have served as a symbol of new life for thousands of years. This Sunday eggs will again play their part in that story for Christians, with the giving of Easter Eggs to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Seaweed wonders medicine, makeup and more to discover

    Imagine a natural resource with proven health benefits, both inside and outside the body. It grows abundantly in the wild. It’s easily cultivated - though little understood.

  • Huge Big Boy steam locomotive coming back to life

    In its prime, a massive steam locomotive known as Big Boy No. 4014 was a moving eruption of smoke and vapor, a 6,300-horsepower brute dragging heavy freight trains over the mountains of Wyoming and Utah.

  • Certified gorgeous designs

    Indonesia’s Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) is likely to boost its exports of timber and timber products to the European Union.