• Guess what?: Endah N Rhesa give Jokowi a challenge

    JAKARTA: Duo Endah and Rhesa are urging president-elect Joko “Jokowi“ Widodo to improve the law on intellectual rights in favor of artists and musicians.

  • Guess what?: Indra Birowo, Sophia team up

    JAKARTA: Musician-cum-actor Indra Birowo is collaborating with actress/singer Sophia Latjuba for “Tak Bisa Menunggu” (Can’t Wait), a single from the Indra’s band Matari.

  • Taking cinema to the streets of Banda Aceh

    The Kotak Hitam Banda Aceh, or “Banda Aceh Black Box”, community held several days of public film screenings last week to commemorate the signing of the Helsinki peace accords nine years ago.

  • ‘Bioskop mesum’ Grindhouse cinemas and the slow death of movies in Aceh

    The province has since been rebuilt and gained autonomy from the central government, as well as ended a decades-long separatist insurgency and introduced sharia, which led to movie screens going dark in Aceh for the last decade.

  • ‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’ Changes course

    The sequel to Disney’s animated cartoon Planes is a feel-good movie that everyone can enjoy, but definitely not for children under 10.

  • IN MEMORIAM: Thio Tiong Gie, Semarang’s senior puppet master, dies at 81

    Thio Tiong Gie, a renowned poo tay hie puppet master from Semarang, Central Java, died on Wednesday. He was 81.

  • Guess what?: Happy tries hand at jewelry business

    JAKARTA: Film and theater actress Happy Salma is excited about her new activity of creating gold and silver jewelry with her close friend Sri Luce Rusna.

  • Fighting for gender justice

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, is perhaps a fitting saying to describe women’s rights activist Neng Dara Affiah, who, just like her father, has a penchant for extensive learning and social work.

  • A place for Women

    CeweQuat community provides a place and activities for women aged 18 to 25 who want to bring out and shape their characters.

  • Every genie deserves help to be free

    I woke up on Tuesday to the stunning news of Robin Williams’ untimely passing.

  • Of silhouettes & sand

    Soft afternoon sunlight radiated throughout the hall of when a silhouette of a woman approached from the other end.

  • Ideas collide, friendship remains

    There are many ways to celebrate a nation’s independence day.

  • Hard, bitter laughs

    Negeri Tanpa Telinga (Country without Ears) delivers subversive jabs at the country’s politics, spouting black humor for the audience to laugh at, however painfully.

  • The surviving Balinese cockfighting rituals

    I paid Rp 15,000 fee and entered the thatched hut barricaded with bamboo and banana leaves. Hardly did I finish giving the scene a look around before I found myself donning a coat of curious Balinese eyes, from men with young features to old wizened faces.

  • An exposure of talent, hard work

    Courage is not the only trait that has catapulted Nicoline Patricia Malina to fame as a world-class fashion photographer.

  • Independence Remembered

    Red and white have colored the city’s skyline.

  • Dislikes superficial fiction, loves motivation stories

    From bikini model, dangdut singer, comedian to presenter, Julia “Jupe” Perez wears many hats. But in her spare time, she likes to read books.

  • Critically reevaluating women’s role in the media

    Billy K. Sarwono’s Saatnya Media Pro Perempuan: Perspektif Gender dalam Kajian Media (It is high time for media to be pro women: A gender perspective in media studies) begins with an important thesis: The representation of women in print media does not accurately depict women in their actual social, cultural and political roles.

  • Guess what?: Denada happy with growing bag business

    JAKARTA: Singer and actress Denada Tambunan is getting busier with her leather bag business, attracting more and more buyers since she started the business two years ago.

  • Actress, activist author

    The current detention of asylum seekers on Manus, Christmas and Nauru islands is further blackening the nation’s once fine human rights reputation.