• L.A. becomes stage for high-speed luxury cars

    Few people need an SUV with 567 horsepower that can scream around a racetrack and go from zero to 60 in four seconds.

  • Motown singer Jimmy Ruffin dies at age 78

    Jimmy Ruffin, the Motown singer whose hits include "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" and "Hold on to My Love," died Monday in a Las Vegas hospital. He was 78.

  • Netflix postpones launch of Cosby comedy special

    Netflix said it is postponing Bill Cosby's upcoming standup comedy special, a decision that followed a growing number of allegations that the famed entertainer sexually assaulted women.

  • People mag names Hemsworth 'Sexiest Man Alive'

    People magazine has named Chris Hemsworth the "Sexiest Man Alive" of 2014, cheering the Australian actor's rise as hammer-wielding, bone fide hunk in the "Thor" films.

  • Model-TV host Dickinson accuses Cosby of assault

    Model and TV host Janice Dickinson added her name to the women who have accused comic Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

  • 10 home-video releases to give for the holidays

    Are you worried there will be nothing to look at once the holiday decorations come down?

  • bookWORM; Eki Puradiredja: Books as a break from life

    Renowned music producer, festival director and musician Eki Puradiredja loves reading books about the inner self and spiritualism, which gives him a moment to break away from the daily routine.

  • Recipe: A spicy dish for cooler weather

    As the rainy season begins in Indonesia, the appearance of warming (some would say fiery) sambal on the dinner table has become more imperative.

  • Haryo Pramoe: Serving Indonesian food on golden platter

    In his own words, this Indonesian culinary expert is an artist.

    Haryo Pramoe is not only preserving traditional tastes with five-star presentation, the celebrity chef is also promoting local cuisine in an artistic way.

  • Fiery feasts for the fearless palate

    The Klungkung red chili, which grows in the Klungkung region of Bali, has the reputation of being the hottest of its kind.

  • Honda Mobilio RS proves fuel efficiency

    With the imminent increase in the price of subsidized fuels, fuel efficiency is a phrase that prospective buyers of family cars will mention to their car dealers and it is what Japanese firm Honda wants to achieve through its low multipurpose vehicle, the Mobilio.

  • The Makers of More challenge

    “How can we reach out to customers to increase the use of our natural products and in turn, achieve a greater impact to improve farmers’ livelihoods?”

  • BookWORM; Intan Paramaditha: Escaping her comfort zone

    For author Intan Paramaditha, reading is a way out of her comfort zone, as she does not want to feel secure in what she knows. She believes that great books can challenge her assumptions and boundaries, especially her sense of security.

  • Museum places Soeharto as warden of the young republic

    Fifteen years after the fall of former president Soeharto’s New Order regime, how is he being remembered? At the “smiling general’s” hometown museum near Yogyakarta, the answer is resounding and unequivocal: as the nation’s savior-in-chief.

  • Festival grooms homegrown dance talent

    When US contemporary dance pioneer Martha Graham described dance as “the hidden language of the soul”, she may have forgotten to mention that even after the curtain call, the “hidden language” continues to communicate.

  • Agitation and disorder in Jakarta

    “I live in an apartment. It has air conditioning, a personal bathroom and a river view. I love it,” a man said in one scene of Ascan Breuer’s documentary Jakarta Disorder.

  • ‘Bitter Honey’ shows polygamy’s hidden face in Bali

    Bitter Honey, the latest feature-length documentary from filmmaker Robert Lemelson, intimately and emotionally presents the stories of three families in Bali, revealing the hidden face of polygamy on the resort island.

  • Women’s wear gets the best of two worlds

    Endless surprises are what one can expect from high-end designer Biyan Wanaatmadja.

  • Urban Chat: Footnotes from the front row

    Dan was a British investment consultant I had to work with for a while recently. Coming for business for a few weeks a couple of times a year, he developed quite an affinity for Indonesia, its culture and people.

  • Mount Padang, Southeast Asia’s largest megalithic site

    Zuarsa was visiting the megalithic site of Mount Padang in Karyamukti in Cianjur, West Java.

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