• Raisa & Maruli: Growing together as artists in debut film project

    Two singers who initially wanted to collaborate on a musical eventually found themselves working together as co-stars in a feature film. And they had a blast.

  • Urban Chat: The inglorious glossed-over side of love sagas

    “Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships / and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?”

  • RI strives to tackle double burden of malnutrition

    The double burden of malnutrition, which comprises under-nutrition and over-nutrition, has become one of key development challenges faced by Indonesia. Under-nutrition in children usually occurs during their first 1,000 days of life, beginning from pregnancy until their second birthday. This is a critical period of brain development in children because any failure in this stage cannot be corrected.



  • Sebastian Gunawan: Unearthing treasure from The East

    The sound of chirping birds welcomed fashionable guests as they entered a lush hanging garden ahead of Sebastian Gunawan’s latest show.


    It started with a swirling rumor and persistent text messages. Yep, juicy stuff coming up, people.

  • Deep in Colombian jungle, peace looms at rebel hideout

    The rebel leader known as Juan Pablo carries with him a new telescopic assault rifle and a heavy heart.

  • Brotrip: A group of self-proclaimed ‘bros’

    The term “bro” has been co-opted by so many different sub-cultures that its every mention carries an undetermined meaning whether it means to or not.

  • The rooms where time refuses to pass

    Lockers have not been emptied, boards not erased, class timetables not updated and the calendar not flipped since that fateful day of April 16, 2014.

  • Urban Chat: Incredible India, indeed

    Last year I spent Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day confined to a hospital bed due to nasty dengue fever, caught during a presunrise hike near Borobudur Temple. The funny thing was, while lying in pain all I could think about was traveling again. During my corporate years I traveled frequently and I sorely missed it.

  • Edward Hutabarat: lights up Indonesia’s batik journey

    Renowned fashion designer Edward Hutabarat is greatly known for his modern take on batik. Now he’s taking batik to a new level.

  • Sarinah, a lesson in love re-echoed

    The Sarinah building, witness to the explosions and gunfight that took place around Jl. MH Thamrin in Central Jakarta on Thursday, has an interesting history. The incident, which ended when all five attackers died, perhaps signified the value of the building that had been underlined by the first Indonesian President Sukarno as: love.

  • David Bowie and his love affair with Indonesia

    The all-round musician and artist David Bowie, who died from cancer on Monday, left not only a vast musical legacy but also a story of his love for Indonesia.

  • Celebrities, the next wave of online entrepreneurs

    Anyone can build an online business as long as they utilize their talents in a creative way and carefully gauge the wants and needs of consumers.

  • Students present their green city solutions

    Innovation is not limited by age or profession. Even students can come up with feasible solutions for the environmental problems faced by cities today; cities that aspire to become green ones.

  • A Revival of Batik Kudus

    If a motif on a piece of batik cloth can tell a story about its place of origin, each piece of batik Kudus shows centuries of history of acculturation.


    For British designer Jade Jagger, art is a way of life through which she has carved a strong reputation as a jewelry designer, interior designer and painter.

  • Kauman & Laweyan, Surakarta’s batik and heritage centers

    Surakarta in Central Java has long been known as a center for batik craftsmanship, being the royal seat of the Pakubuwono dynasty. After years of neglect caused by the onslaught of factory-made batik prints, Surakarta is revitalizing its batik-making centers.

  • Whaling museum gears up for 'Moby-Dick' reading marathon

    "Moby-Dick" fans from around the world are getting ready for their own grueling quest — a marathon reading of Herman Melville's classic.

  • The year of the spirits

    One of Bali’s high priests, Ida Pedanda Gede Made Gunung, says while he cannot predict what 2016 holds, he can see the road to harmony for mankind.

  • Lombok Island: Perfect in a global spotlight

    Although Bali ranks among the top tourist destinations in the world, the vast Indonesian archipelago has more than one island that should be included on the list.