• Of Gérard Depardieu, Timor and reconciliation

    The filmmakers behind Beatriz’s War chose an unexpected framework for exploring the war in Timor Leste — a true story that was retold in Daniel Vigne’s 1982 film The Return of Martin Guerre.

  • Beatriz’s War and us

    Beatriz’s War, the first feature film from Timor Leste, is set during the Timorese guerrilla insurgency against the Indonesian occupation and invasion. It evokes the Battle of Algiers (1965), the first film from post-independence Algeria, which explored that nation’s war of independence against France.

  • The Golden-Stick Warrior revives silat legends

    Pendekar Tongkat Emas begins with Cempaka (Christine Hakim), an aging warrior who wants to pass her titular Golden Stick — and signature fighting style — to one of her disciples, either Dara (Eva Celia), Biru (Reza Rahadian) or Gerhana (Tara Basro).

  • ‘Jane the Virgin’ star sees hero in role

    American actress of Puerto Rican descent, Gina Rodriguez, has been named the “next big thing” for her breakout performance in Filly Brown, which served as the launch pad for her steadily rising profile.

  • The Glamorous Look

  • Urban Chat: The season of giving… and glam garage sale hunting

    “Jakarta garage sales, where you can buy secondhand designer handbags for a cool 3,500 US dollars,” an expat tweeted last weekend. I smiled at the absurdity of it all, at the reality of it all.

  • Creating history with the ‘rindik’ piano

    The delicate humming sound of Balinese music was heard among the drone of passing vehicles on the road heading to Kapal, Bali.

  • In search of megaliths in Bondowoso

    A young man busied himself cutting away the undergrowth in the wild forest, cleaning a stone sarcophagus sitting about 50 meters from a cave leading into the side of a mountain.

  • Sharing a common past A guide to historic cities

    After 1945 hostility continued toward Europeans determined to retain influence in the former East Indies. This climaxed in 1957 when the first president, Sukarno, expelled 40,000 Dutch citizens and nationalized their companies along with other foreign businesses.

  • TK Park:: Thailand’s living library

    In sharp contrast to many modern libraries well-equipped with sophisticated information technology, the Thailand Knowledge Park — also known as the TK Park — begs to differ.

  • bookWORM; Bjorn Shen Rock out with your fork out

    “I like a lot of niche cuisines — anything with gutsy, bold flavors that is unpretentious,” chef Bjorn Shen says during Sunday brunch rush at his modern Middle Eastern restaurant Artichoke in Singapore. “I like that ramen chefs in Japan spend so much energy, effort and cognitive effort into every aspect of a bowl of noodles that ends up looking like a sloppy bowl of noodles.”

  • Animation in the eyes of Jakob Schuh and Bastien Dubois

    Although eventually losing out to Australians Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann at the Academy Awards,
    the animators forged a friendship.

  • French culture gets a new venue in Jakarta

    Along with the renovation of the French embassy, November saw the opening of a new home for the Institut Français d’Indonésie or French Institute of Indonesia (IFI), in the heart of the nation’s capital.

  • Danar Hadi: Sophisticated batik collaboration

    A sophisticated mix of classic and modern styles in a collection of clothes highlights the collaboration of the country’s finest batik garment producer, Danar Hadi, and two renowned designers, Chossy Latu and Priyo Oktaviano.

  • Collaborators, manipulators and imaginers

    There’s something slightly unnerving about these contemporary art forms. They wave no flags of jingoistic nationalism, so labels don’t stick. They’re burdened by neither the dogma of religion, nor the baggage of ideology.

  • Tale of Yogyakarta Puppet Party

    From the dark history of 1965 explored in Mwathirika to the Javanese version of the Oedipus mythology found in Watugunung, Papermoon Puppet Theatre has shown that puppets are more than just child’s play.

  • Here, there and everywhere with his music

    For Japanese pop-culture lovers, Joe Inoue is the hottest thing – able to draw hundreds to the far reaches of Bekasi, West Java, late on a Sunday evening.

  • In Bali, fishermen learn about crabs and mangroves

    With engines roaring, a passenger jet comes in to land at Bali’s airport as a steady stream of traffic crosses the Bali-Mandara toll road across Benoa harbor.

  • Health Sense: When diabetics shift from oral medications to insulin injections

    In the early stages of diabetes, soaring blood sugar levels can be effectively managed by oral medications prescribed for you by an endocrinologist or health care provider.

  • In Surakarta, speaking about life after HIV

    The 38-year-old said that she found out that she contracted the virus in 2009. “I was frustrated for eight days,” she said.

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