• Politics, Indonesia & the art of the meme

    Amid the flourishing harsh and deceitful political pictorials around the social media sphere, Indonesian netizens turn to wit and humor for relief.

  • Urban Chat: The soothing sounds of spirit

    Ramadhan is in full swing, which means the whole kit and caboodle is on display — mall décor, endless events for breaking the fast, as well as the ubiquitous religious songs on TV, radio, in building lobbies and, sometimes, elevators.

  • Cinema, candidates & would-be presidents

    Election films are not limited to presidential candidates.

    Around the time of Jakarta’s last gubernatorial election, Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, then running for the No. 2 spot under Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, became the subject of Jadi Jagoan Ala Ahok (Fight like Ahok), a short documentary that followed him during his run for the House of Representatives in 2009.

  • One day of Ramadhan in Jakarta

    As the country with the world's largest Muslim population, roughly 209 million Indonesians are observing the holy month of Ramadhan, which this year started on June 29.


  • The making of a president

    The world’s third-largest democracy has elected a new president.

    The nation should pause and give itself credit where credit is due: A grueling and contentious presidential election was held without incident on Wednesday, despite the enthusiasm and emotion of the last several months.

  • Hidden cameras capture endangered species

    Just 100 kilometers south of Jakarta lies a jungle, the survival of which depends on exploitative capitalism finding a balance with the ecosystem.

  • Blessings from earth and sky

    Those are the words of Vanya Cullen, managing director and chief winemaker at Cullen Wines, a winery based in Wilyabrup in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia.

  • The ‘gudeg’ I fell in love with

    I fell in love with

    Back then, almost every morning, my father and I would go down to a particular stall at Kanjengan Market in Semarang, Central Java for a breakfast of Yu Yem’s gudeg (jackfruit stewed in coconut milk).

  • Tracing the path of ‘gudeg’

    Gudeg, jackfruit stewed in coconut milk, is said to have originally been intended to provide a quick source of carbohydrates to palace soldiers in Yogyakarta.

  • Traces of British colonization in Bengkulu

    Mighty and undamaged, Fort Marlborough overlooks the port of Bengkulu as its cannon, long since fallen into disuse, points toward the Indian Ocean.