• Jimmy Choo’s Shoemaking World & Beyond

    Since his emergence almost 30 years ago, renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo has taken the world of fashion by storm.

  • Brings Asian designers together

    More than 60 designers from 15 Asian countries have showcased their latest collections at the inaugural Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) in Kuala Lumpur.

  • When Bill Gates met Tahir

    During a recent workshop with a group of Asian journalists at the headquarters of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Geneva, Christoph Benn pointed out the urgent need for the involvement of more Asian philantropists to help fund the global war against the three deadly diseases.

  • International collaboration to eradicate TB in Indonesia

    “The world has made defeating AIDS a top priority. This is a blessing. But TB [tuberculosis] remains ignored. Today we are calling on the world to recognize that we can’t fight AIDS unless we do much more to fight TB as well,” the late South African president Nelson Mandela once warned the world.

  • Tales of people in search of identity, roots

    Six main characters in six different stories have one thing in common: their quest for a place where they feel a sense of belonging.

  • Urban Chat : Hail to the new retail temple in town

    Earlier this month, my friend Lailai, a resident of Tangerang, published the conversation she had with someone in disdain via her Twitter account. As a good friend I gave her a comforting pat, though didn’t manage to stifle my laugh.

  • A place for young talent

    The Pakistan truck exhibition was launched at the Galeri Indonesia Kaya — a quirky museum and performance space that you might not have noticed on the eighth floor of the Grand Indonesia Shopping Center in Central Jakarta, just behind the Blitz Megaplex.

  • bookWORM; Heaven Tanudiredja: Reading to rest the brain

    Jewelry designer Heaven Tanudiredja says books calm him down. At night before he goes to bed, he always reads a book to rest his brain for a while.

  • A long journey to the screen for local superheroes

    With many years passing since the last Indonesian superhero feature film, local filmmakers are in uncharted territory when looking to bring men (and women) of steel to the screen.

  • Shaping global superheroes from Malang

    Hercules, a hero of Greek mythology, is portrayed in the comic strip series Hercules: The Thracian Wars, produced by US-based Radical Comics and written by Steve Moore. The books also turn out to have involved Admira Wijaya, an Indonesian artist from Malang, East Java.

  • ‘Jamu’ Penglipuran style

    In the cool, forested upper reaches of Bangli regency lies the village of Penglipuran.

  • The role of the kidney and emerging novel therapies in diabetes

    Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in Indonesia and all across the world.

  • An afternoon with the Pasoepati crew

    Trees circled Manahan Stadium, the home field for Persis Solo, in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java.

  • Prambanan, the exotic Hindu temple

    A mass of clouds formed abstract patterns to adorn the sky above Prambanan temple in Sleman, Yogyakarta, enhancing the beauty of the panoramic view of the gorgeous architecture of the 10th century Hindu kingdom’s heritage building.

  • Chocolate-covered bugs served up at insect museum

    The menu includes crickets and wax worms on toothpick skewers for dipping in a fountain of melted chocolate, along with "tarsal toffee" made with bug legs and mealworms and fudge infused with crickets and marshmallows.

  • Didi Budiardjo’s fashion fantasy

    When fantasy and creativity collide in the hands of renowned designer Didi Budiardjo, the result is a stunning high-fashion collection.

  • Pledging the power of pink

    If I remember correctly, I learned the word “cancer” before the word “menstruation”. I was in second or third grade when a schoolmate was diagnosed with leukemia. She started missing classes before skipping an entire term altogether. Upon returning, she had lost a great deal of weight and had a headscarf wrapped around her hairless head.

  • The road to Korea

    As medals are tallied during the Asian Games in Incheon; back home in Indonesia, the next slew of athletes heading to Korea are training hard.

  • Looking into the heart of Ikea

    The small town of Almhult in Sweden may not ring a bell for tourists browsing for hot European destinations until home furnishing giant Ikea pops up in the Google search engine.

  • IKEA brings a new shopping experience to Jakartans

    Soon, residents of Greater Jakarta will be able to experience the first IKEA store in Indonesia, which will open on Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard in Alam Sutera, Tangerang.

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