• Urban Chat : Hail to the new retail temple in town

    Earlier this month, my friend Lailai, a resident of Tangerang, published the conversation she had with someone in disdain via her Twitter account. As a good friend I gave her a comforting pat, though didn’t manage to stifle my laugh.

  • A place for young talent

    The Pakistan truck exhibition was launched at the Galeri Indonesia Kaya — a quirky museum and performance space that you might not have noticed on the eighth floor of the Grand Indonesia Shopping Center in Central Jakarta, just behind the Blitz Megaplex.

  • bookWORM; Heaven Tanudiredja: Reading to rest the brain

    Jewelry designer Heaven Tanudiredja says books calm him down. At night before he goes to bed, he always reads a book to rest his brain for a while.

  • A long journey to the screen for local superheroes

    With many years passing since the last Indonesian superhero feature film, local filmmakers are in uncharted territory when looking to bring men (and women) of steel to the screen.

  • Shaping global superheroes from Malang

    Hercules, a hero of Greek mythology, is portrayed in the comic strip series Hercules: The Thracian Wars, produced by US-based Radical Comics and written by Steve Moore. The books also turn out to have involved Admira Wijaya, an Indonesian artist from Malang, East Java.

  • Pledging the power of pink

    If I remember correctly, I learned the word “cancer” before the word “menstruation”. I was in second or third grade when a schoolmate was diagnosed with leukemia. She started missing classes before skipping an entire term altogether. Upon returning, she had lost a great deal of weight and had a headscarf wrapped around her hairless head.

  • IKEA brings a new shopping experience to Jakartans

    Soon, residents of Greater Jakarta will be able to experience the first IKEA store in Indonesia, which will open on Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard in Alam Sutera, Tangerang.

  • World awaits effective and affordable HIV/AIDS cure

    Out of hundreds of sessions held during the 20th International AIDS Conference, a scientific session — Toward HIV Cure — stole the attention of all participants and the world, who watched eagerly for news on effective and affordable cures for HIV/AIDS.

  • Hope abounds for new RI leaders to take firm stance on HIV/AIDS

    In the history of public health, HIV/AIDS has been exceptional -- it has had widespread and long-lasting demographic, social, economic and political impact incomparable to any other health issue.

  • ABCD takes coffee to a whole new level

    From malls to restaurants, coffee shops are flourishing throughout Jakarta, if not across the archipelago. But one particular coffee kiosk has become a hit since opening in an unlikely place.

  • Coffee auction brewing up a bright future for farmers

    Indonesian coffee farmers seem to have enjoyed a bumper harvest this year, if participation in the third biennial Indonesia Specialty Coffee Auction is anything to go by.

  • Morocco mulls legal pot growing, breaking taboo

    Abdelkhalek Benabdallah strode among towering marijuana plants and checked the buds for the telltale spots of white, indicating they are ready for harvest.

  • Of temples and Thailand

    Thailand, with Bangkok as its capital, has never abandoned its history or cultural origins.

  • The story of a ballerina

    The cliche of not judging a book by its cover does not apply to this written memoir of the late Indonesian ballerina Farida Oetoyo.

  • BookWORM: Barry Likumahuwa; The flying Reader

    What not many people know about jazz bassist Barry Likumahuwa is that he is an eclectic reader whose tastes range from popular novels to biographies.

  • Having the time of her life with ‘Blacklist’

    For American actress Megan Boone, her current project, crime drama Blacklist, has become a central focus in her life and career. As the series returns for its second season, Boone has high hopes for it.

  • Transforming The modern man

    A blend of casual, classy and modern looks has underlined the transformation of menswear, which was showcased in the fifth Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week.

  • Amateur vocalists, world-class performers

    Six years ago, a group of professionals who once sang their hearts out as campus choir members had a small reunion and decided to create a community where they could sing for fun.

  • Danar Hadi’S loyal contribution to fashion

    Loyal is the word that best describes one of the country’s leading batik makers, Batik Danar Hadi. It continues to create batik, from the simplest to finest forms, refusing to bow to challenges that have caused many companies to shut down operations.

  • A celebration of modern batik

    Batik is becoming increasingly popular. People no longer consider batik outdated wear that can only be worn on formal occasions and are now instead donning fashionable batik pieces with pride.

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