• Victims `may not get compensation'

    The Witness and Victim Protection Agency told families and victims of the 1984 Tanjung Priok massacre Saturday that it might be difficult for them to ask for compensation from the…

  • RI urges KL not to employ illegal maids

    Indonesia on Sunday demanded that Malaysia respect Jakarta's ban on sending domestic helpers to the neighboring country, alleging Kuala Lumpur was sourcing Indonesian domestic helpers illegally.

  • Text your say Soeharto's legacy

    Hutomo "Tommy" Mandala Putra, the son of ex-president Soeharto, is mounting a bid to be Golkar chairman, with his sister, Siti "Tutut" Hardiyanti Rukmana, also in the fray. What do…

  • Residents get ready for exodus

    Jakartans are gearing up for the massive holy season exodus this week, when many will visit relatives mostly in small towns in Central and East Java as part of the…

  • Is Norway heading toward minority rule again?

    It is very interesting to see which way - right or left - Norwegians will go in Monday's tight election.

  • The risk of being stuck in the middle during Ramadan

    Deciding whether to be religious or not is not that easy. Consider fasting:

  • Tanjung Priok case: Victims tell their stories

    "They used the water from the fire station to wash the blood from the streets," 49 year-old Saiful Hadi said as he gazed at the fire station building in Tanjung…

  • Fauzi visits Jakarta markets, promises stable prices

    Governor Fauzi Bowo has pledged to safeguard basic food commodity prices, which tend to increase ahead of the Idul Fitri celebrations, this year falling on Sept. 21.

  • Two injured in Freeport bus shooting

    At least two people were injured as a group of unidentified persons attacked a PT Freeport Indonesia security bus on Saturday at Mile 42, both of whom were rushed to…

  • Watchdogs skeptical of new BPK leadership

    Corruption watchdogs expressed pessimism that the newly elected chairmen of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) would be capable of improving the agency’s performance in monitoring state funds in the coming…