• Protection agency insists on taking Susno from police

    The Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) said it would press ahead with its decision to relocate Susno Duadji from the police detention facility despite the National Police's refusal to…

  • Jakarta in jovial vibe as fanfare begins

    The city is gearing up to celebrate its 483rd anniversary by hosting 75 local and international events in June and July, expecting to entertain residents and draw overseas visitors.

  • Women, children endure the ordeal four years on

    "This life is no different from the flow of water. It comes and goes in turn. Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's muddy."

  • Will Indonesia allow expats to own houses? Maybe after uphill battle, says VP

    At an international property industry gathering in Bali last week, Indonesia was presented as an emerging market with great potential and growing demand for development in the real, residential and…

  • Access snags force census extension

    The national census will run an extra two weeks until June 15 to allow more time for citizens to return their survey forms, for census offi cers to reach remote…

  • SBY affirms RI support for Palestine independence

    Indonesia reiterated its commitment to fully supporting an independent Palestinian state as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited the country over the weekend.

  • Four years on, victims of Lapindo mudflow still in limbo

    Hundreds of people and activists staged a rally to mark the fourth year since the Sidoarjo mudflow submerged thousands of houses in Sidoarjo, East Java.

  • SBY vows direct oversight of Norway-financed projects

    President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he would personally monitor implementation of the Indonesia’s new forestry partnership with Norway.

  • Anti-smoking campaign targets women, girls

    Tobacco doesn’t discriminate by gender or age. People who smoke cigarettes — men or women, young or old — will suffer the negative impacts.

  • By the way ... Treat your (step) children well

    I was invited to a village wedding party a few weeks ago by one of our family’s employees.  Pak Haji [a title of respect for a village elder] had worked…