• Police arrest two people linked to bomb funding

    Police have arrested two people believed to have channeled money to the country’s most wanted terrorist, Noordin M. Top, and Jamaah Islamiyah, stepping up their efforts to crack down on…

  • All smiles

    A cultural troupe from the Riau Islands performs a traditional dance during the Pawai Budaya Nusantara cultural parade around the National Monument park in Jakarta on Tuesday.

  • Business community cautiously welcomes new regional tax law

    The business community has welcomed  the law on regional taxes and levies, passed on Tuesday, in which the closed-list provisions will help specify and limit regional taxes and improve the…

  • Drug smugglers, terrorists' sentences cut for August 17

    Thousands of inmates in prisons across the country, including those at Jakarta's Salemba Penitentiary and Pondok Bambu Penitentiary, have had their sentences cut by between one and six months in…

  • Competing in togetherness for the day

    The ambiance of the country's 64th celebration of Independence day felt strong Monday as residents held annual competitions in their neighborhood units, blocking nearby streets to create spaces.

  • Independence Day dive breaks world record in Manado

    Indonesia plunged into the Guinness Book of Records Sunday after a mass dive as part of the Sail Bunaken 2009 event held in North Sulawesi. The event was organized by…

  • Insight: APEC and the challenges of the economic crisis

    The global economic crisis creates a challenge and an opportunity for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). APEC's responses to those challenges are important not only for trans-Pacific cooperation but also…

  • Text your say Terrorists living next door?

    Police investigations have revealed that many terrorist hideouts have been in residential areas. What would you do if you were suspicious of your new neighbors?

  • Ex-presidents absent from Independence Day ceremony

    President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono led Monday morning the official ceremony for Indonesia’s 64th Independence Day at the Merdeka State Palace — without the presence of a single one of his…

  • New recruits, funding keep Noordin, JI on the attack

    The country’s most wanted terrorist, Noordin M. Top, and his group, Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), have recruited and trained nearly 450 members for bombing operations since 2000.