• Search for survivors halted after less than a week

    Rescuers called off their search Monday for people trapped beneath the rubble of buildings that collapsed in last week's devastating earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra, and are now focusing on…

  • A post-ASEAN foreign policy for a post-G8 world

    It has long been predicted that international relations in the 21st century will differ from those in the 20th century. And recently, that prediction has taken a step closer to…

  • Text your say Deadly earthquake

    Hundreds have been killed and many more remain trapped under the debris after a powerful earthquake hit West Sumatra. What do you think about the tragedy?

  • Indonesia likely to be hit by violent quakes in coming years

    A series of earthquakes that rocked Indonesia last week has once again highlighted the danger faced by people living in a country that sits on the Pacific Ring-of-Fire.

  • Corruption Court Law, heavily regulated anti corruption portion

    The House of Representatives has just passed the Corruption Court Law last week, many people considered its substances not to be in line with the spirit of corruption eradication. The…

  • Govt steps in to settle bad debts of SOEs

    The government has so far facilitated the restructuring of Rp 10 trillion (US$1.04 billion) of bad debt owed by state firms under the so-called investment account fund (RDI) and subsidiary…

  • Happy birthday, Mom

    Vice President Jusuf Kalla congratulates Kartina Wanandi during her 90th birthday party at the Ballroom XX1 of the Djakarta Theater, Jakarta, on Sunday evening.

  • Money could ‘decide next Golkar chief’

    Cash could be the key to chosing Golkar’s next chairman, as the party begins its four-day national congress today in Pekanbaru, say observers.

  • Lost hamlets to become mass graves after huge quake

    West Sumatra decided Sunday to turn a hillside in Padang Pariaman regency, where three hamlets and hundreds of villagers were swallowed by landslides after a powerful earthquake, into mass graves,…

  • West Sumatra loses entire hamlets under landslides

    Edi Arman waited patiently as rescue workers dug up where their homes used to be.