• Govt says Neneng is in Malaysia

    The government confirmed Saturday that fugitive businesswoman Neneng Sri Wahyuni, a graft suspect in solar panel procurement project at the Manpower and Transmigration Ministry, was in hiding in Malaysia.

  • More hopefuls announce bid for Jakarta gubernatorial race

    More politicians, claiming the full support of their parties, said they were ready to seek the post of Jakarta governor — although official registration for the 2012 gubernatorial election has…

  • Local govts at odds over accepting gifts

    While struggling to manage the expected exodus from major cities of homebound Idul Fitri travelers, government officials also have to contend with the thorny issue of accepting Idul Fitri gifts.

  • Critics sink teeth into VP over Century case

    The Nazaruddin scandal that has mired Democratic Party officials and brought the party to the brink of chaos has provided fresh impetus for rivals to put more pressure on President…

  • An SMS is all it takes

    All Muslims are obliged to pay zakat (alms) before Idul Fitri, which falls on Aug. 30 this year.

  • US focuses ‘more attention’ on Islamic radicalism in RI

    The US is reportedly increasingly concerned about rising Islamic radicalism in Indonesia amid prediction that the Indonesian government is likely unable to stop it, with wide coverage, for example, of…

  • Govt to stop recruiting new civil servants

    The government will halt the recruitment of new civil servants in selected fields starting Sept. 1 to increase work efficiency and productivity while reducing high costs as it embarks on…

  • Nazaruddin amnesia provokes outrage

    Anticorruption activists have warned Muhammad Nazaruddin that he would be obstructing justice should he continue to insist on pretending that he has forgotten all information related to alleged corruption implicating…

  • Ubud residents unite for cremation

    Thursday’s cremation of Anak Agung Niang Rai turned into a display of Ubud’s solidarity and loyalty to its royal family.

  • Nazaruddin pleas for family’s safety

    Once outspoken in his boasts that he could air everybody’s dirty laundry, graft suspect Muhammad Nazaruddin was uncharacteristically silent during questioning Thursday at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).