Odd World

  • The Strangelove Suite: Northern Ireland sells nuclear bunker

    It has no windows — but offers unrestricted views of Armageddon.

  • This odd world: Toddler survives murder attempt, keeps singing

    Cheri Savana, a 2-year-old child who suffered a serious injury to her neck after her mother’s failed attempt to kill her last week, is recovering well and continues to sing her favorite children’s song, doctors said on Wednesday.

  • Stolen baby found in after 17 years

    A baby stolen from her sleeping mother’s arms shortly after birth has been found by the family through an astonishing coincidence 17 years later, South African police said Friday.

  • Strip club gets award for cleanliness

    A Chicago strip club has received an award for its efforts at dressing up the neighborhood.

  • Toilet paper links man to heist attempt

    Police say they matched a would-be pizza shop robber to a roll of toilet paper in his Pennsylvania home.

  • Farmers say Xmas trees make great goat snacks

    Western Colorado goat farmers say Christmas trees make great snacks for their herds, and they’re offering to collect them from homes in the Grand Valley.

  • Monkey brings electrocuted friend back to life

    Onlookers at a train station in northern India watched in awe a monkey using all his powers to bring back to life another monkey who was electrocuted and fell unconscious on the rail tracks.

  • Sheriff’s office affirms Constitution

    The Spokane sheriff’s office issued a statement over the weekend assuring the citizens of Spokane County that deputies are dedicated to upholding and defending the Constitution.

  • Police hunt stolen pigeon worth $184,000

    Police in Germany are looking for a missing pigeon, and any finder could be in line for a ¤10,000 (US$12,250) reward.

  • Boys dial 911 in search of Santa

    Two young brothers from southeastern Wisconsin are likely hoping they haven’t landed on Santa’s naughty list after police showed up at their doorstep.

  • NYC pair weds on subway train

    A young couple in New York City decided they spent so much time on the subway they might as well get married there.

  • No croaking: New frog species groans, coughs

    Scientists have discovered a new frog species in southern New Jersey that makes some un-froglike sounds.

  • Wife awarded $530m in record divorce

    The estranged wife of a London financier was awarded £337 million ($530 million) on Thursday in one of the biggest divorce settlements seen in a British court.


  • Putin’s tiger kills 15 goats in northeast China

    A rare Siberian tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin is keeping farmers in northeastern China on edge.

  • Man still in hospital after naked fall

    A Boston man remains in the hospital after police say he fell naked through the ceiling of a women’s bathroom at Logan Airport and then assaulted an elderly man.

  • Woman locked up after locked out of home

    Police say a woman who was locked out of her apartment has been locked up after officers who helped her regain entry found pot plants and drug paraphernalia inside.

  • Thai PM pats reporter on head, tugs his ear

    Thailand’s military-installed prime minister, known for scolding journalists, is trying a new tack: patting their heads and tugging their ears.

  • This odd world: New Jersey’s land-lovin’ seal bound for Detroit

    A seal with a fondness for New Jersey beaches — and the food-sharing fishermen and beachgoers that come with them — is headed for Detroit after becoming a little too friendly with the locals.

  • California cat cafe is catnip for feline fans

    Cat lovers in Northern California are pouncing at the chance of spending time with feline company at a new cat cafe in Oakland.

  • Mother, daughter give birth on same day

    A southwest Florida woman and her daughter both gave birth at the same hospital on the same day.