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  • Comments on other issues: Procedure causes hardship for rape victims

    The Central Jakarta Police have confirmed that the family of an allegedly raped child had to pay for a forensic examination themselves because the 3-year-old victim was not a participant of the Healthcare and Social Security Agency’s (BPJS Kesehatan) national health scheme.

  • Issue of the day: Jokowi rejects apology, promotes stability

    In a statement during the annual ceremony commemorating Pancasila Sanctity Day on Thursday, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo told the country to remain vigilant against the prospect of socio political unrest that could threaten the country’s stability, just as the botched coup blamed on the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in 1965 unleashed a squall of turmoil across the archipelago.

  • Text your say: Independent candidates

    Your comments on the Constitutional Court’s decision to relax requirements for independent candidates running for local elections:

  • Your letters: Business interests ignite forest fires

    Deforestation of two of the world’s largest islands, Sumatra and Kalimantan, really got going back in the 1980s and accelerated in the 1990s, based on earlier deforestation business models provided by Thailand and Malaysia.

  • Your letters: Soldiers to assist, not to kill

    I have read many articles about victims of military operations in Davao del Sur and other parts of Mindanao. At first glance, the articles are touching but as one reads on, the customary blaming of the military for the death of civilians becomes obvious.

  • Your letters: Help prevent accidents in Mina

    It was a tragic loss and I could not avoid being deeply saddened to learn the news of the recent tragic accident at the site of the jumrah (stoning of the Devil) ritual in Mina, Saudi Arabia, which left hundreds of pilgrims, including several of our beloved Indonesian families and friends, dead. We solemnly pray that God Almighty will bless all victims and grant fortitude to all bereaved families.

  • Your letters: Endangered tigers still in trap cages

    I want to raise the awareness of the public and especially readers of The Jakarta Post, that two critically endangered Sumatran tigers are still being kept in small cages at the office of the Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in Bengkulu. They have been confined to the cage like chickens for seven months.

  • Issue of the day: Rule a step toward prohibiting dog meat

    Some animal welfare organizations have applauded the Jakarta administration’s plan to regulate dog meat distribution, hoping it could eventually lead to the prohibition of dog consumption in the nation.

  • Comments on other issues: Ahok confirms he will seek reelection

    Incumbent Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama has confirmed that he will seek reelection in 2017 as an independent candidate and will collect 1 million photocopies of Jakarta residents’ IDs, although the Constitutional Court has relaxed the requirement for independent candidates.

  • Text your say: RI’s quest for visa-free status in Schengen

    Your comments on Foreign Affairs Minister Retno LP Marsudi saying that support is growing for Indonesia’s request for visa-free access to the Schengen zone, which would enable Indonesian nationals to enter the zone’s 22 EU-member and four non-EU-member states without visas.

  • Your letters: Innovations to help farmers

    Whether we like it or not we will need lots of organic fertilizer (OF) for our farmers; be it for planting rice, corn, soy bean, sugarcane, cassava or any other crops in the country.

  • Your letters: Entering uncharted waters – El Niño

    Millions of poor people face hunger and poverty this year and the next because of drought and erratic rain as global temperatures reach record levels and a powerful El Niño, the climatic phenomenon that develops in the tropical Pacific and can bring extreme weather to several regions, begins.

  • Your letters: Openness can improve China-US ties

    What do you think of China ?

  • Comments on other issues: Your letters: Don’t ban alcohol

    I have visited Indonesia many times, not because I really enjoy it but merely for family obligations, otherwise I’d rather stay in Thailand or Malaysia, where the atmosphere is freer and more enjoyable in spite of the sharia and where one is not deceived as often as in Indonesia.

  • Comments on other issues: Govt confused over Singapore help

    Arguing that Singaporeans might learn how fighting forest fires is no easy task, Vice President Jusuf Kalla has said Singapore should step in to help Indonesia to combat the fires, the smoke from which has polluted relations between the two nations in recent months.

  • Your letters: Haze and N95 masks

    Haze are particles, 2.5 micrometers or smaller in size. These fine particles act as irritants to the eyes, nostrils, respiratory passage and skin.

  • Your letters: Hopeful for Indonesia’s better future

    Joining others in the 21st century looks good. Very altruistic and nice to have the luxury of food on the table, roof over your head, money in the bank, decent education and health to think about.

  • Your letters: Who will protect the pilgrims?

    I am sorry to hear about the horrific stampede ahead of the Jamarat (stoning of the devil) ritual in Mina, which killed over 1,000 pilgrims, including Indonesians.

  • Comments on other issues: Jakarta to regulate dog meat trade

    The city administration Marine Agriculture and Food Security Agency is considering creating a regulation on dog meat consumption, claiming that thousands of dogs were distributed to Jakarta to be consumed every day.

  • Comments on other issues: Schoolgirl dies after violent attack

    Nurul Fatimah, a fourth grade student at MIN Keunalo state Muslim elementary school in Seulimum district, Aceh Besar regency, Aceh, died on Saturday evening in a local hospital a week after being assaulted by her classmates.