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  • Issue: ‘FPI must be banned: House legislators’

    June 28, Online: A multi-party coalition of legislators at the House of Representatives  demanded that the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) be officially declared a forbidden organization, said a coalition representative. “We are not concerned about their mission.

  • Comment: ‘Protection’ to alleged sex stars

    June 24, p. 2: The National Police have offered “protection” to celebrities Luna Maya and Cut Tari following demands from a hard-line Islamic group to arrest the pair.

  • Comment: Bad traffic hampers evacuation in Jakarta

    June 27, Online: Jakarta, famous for its bad traffic and tall buildings often faces the aforementioned challenges in conducting emergency rescues and evacuations by ambulances, the city health agency officer says.

  • Letter: Impact of the sex videos

    I will comment on an article titled “Ariel ‘Peterporn’ detained”, (the Post, June 22) and various comments from the readers.

  • Letter: The TV programs that we need

    Television has become people’s best friend nowadays. People watch TV not only to be entertained, but recently also to get some updates about what is happening in this big country.

  • Comment: Instigation to burn Ahmadiyah mosques

    June 22, p. 8: Referring to Ahmad Ghozali’s letter published in The Jakarta Post on June 14 under the heading “All the Muslims must be saved” in which he instigated burning Ahmadiyah Muslims’ mosques, considering Ahmadis non-Muslims, allow me to share my views.

  • Issue: ‘Call against Christianization’

    June 27, Online: A group of Bekasi-based Islamic organizations ran Sunday a public gathering with their supporters to officially publish the result of their recent joint Islamic congress aimed at fighting “the ongoing attempts to convert people to Christianity”. Held in the Al Azhar mosque, one of the biggest mosques in the city, the gathering began at 10 a.m.

  • Letter: A leader is a teacher

    I could not believe when I read The Jakarta Post last week about Tifatul Sembiring’s disparaging comment with regards to the comparison of the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ to the regrettable video by the alleged three celebrities.

  • Text your say: Yuan flexibility

    Your comment on the move by China’s central bank, which promised to add flexibility to the yuan after pegging it to the dollar for nearly two years

  • Text your say: PKS’ inclusiveness

    Your comments on the declaration of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) an inclusive party during the recent congress.

  • Letter: Never too old to study

    After working from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., every single day nearly 250 days a year, I suffer tremendous anxiety. Bored of the routine work I face every day, and also with the same problem.

  • Letter: Morality and history of destruction

    This is a comment on the outcry over the sex tape controversy alleged involving noted celebrities.

  • Letter: Learning from how soccer is played

    Please allow me to express my appreciation and thanks for your opinion articles that appeared in your June 20 edition.

  • Text your say: PKS’ inclusiveness

    Your comments on the declaration of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) an inclusive party during the recent congress.

  • Issue: ‘Between free sex and local wisdom’

    June 21, p. 7: What are the reasons that American law prohibits people less than 18 years old to be involved in porn movies or any other form of pornography? Why do some “official” porn sites always ask their users whether they are “adults” if they’d like to access the sites? Is it merely the problem of a given law?

  • Comment: Up in (bare) arms over statue’s removal

    Three years after locals started falling in love with their charming presence, three young ladies from Bekasi have to leave home following protests from local fundamentalist groups. Their sin? Perhaps their bare copper arms and shoulders.

  • Letter: The Nicolas Anelka scandal

    It is incredible to see how the Nicolas Anelka ruckus has caused such a  backlash in France that even the sports minister butted in to say the actions of Nicolas Anelka had tarnished the image of France.

  • Letter: Progress in eradicating terrorism

    I refer to an article titled "New approach on terrorism", (The Jakarta Post, June 15) and numerous comments from the other readers.

  • Letter: The key is education

    This is a comment on an article titled "Between free sex and local wisdom", (the Post, June 21, p. 7).

  • Letter: Rare good news

    So often, I read negative news about Indonesia. This time, I would like to write something positive.