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  • Issue of the day: Businessman named suspect in karaoke fire

    After questioning dozens of witnesses, the Manado Police in North Sulawesi have named a local businessman a suspect in connection to a recent fire at the Inul Vizta karaoke club that claimed the lives of 12 people.

  • Your letters: Setya Novanto faces the music

    Well, House Speaker Setya Novanto had now already a few days to rethink his strategy with his team of highly paid lawyers — the first few days were stalling and now it’s coming up with such an outrageous claim from him, as such an upright person, that possibly Freeport will be the one who needs to prove that it did not suggest legal action and the obfuscation is complete and the distraction provided.

  • Your letters: Local wisdom-based education

    Besides being culture-based principles that have long been believed, local wisdom embodied through education basically reflects how people live, what they value and how they generate cultural assumptions or ideas intending to protect the life of a nation and the ideology of human civilization.

  • Your letters: Education quality

    The education system in Indonesia is not the best thing we have, but I don’t like the way many people have generalized and underestimated Indonesian students. Surely, many don’t know enough about the achievements of Indonesian students.

  • Comments on other issues: Police chief orders rehab for drug users

    The National Police chief has ordered police personnel nationwide to send drug users immediately to rehabilitation centers, instead of locking them up in detention.

  • Issue of the day: RI visa waiver on the cards: Envoy

    Indonesian diplomats and civil servants are likely to enjoy Schengen visa waivers soon, as all stakeholders are working to finalize the necessary agreement, according to a Belgian envoy.

  • Your letters: How to stop Islamic State?

    After Paris, Western countries and their allies are trying to figure out how to eliminate Islamic State (IS) movement. Unfortunately, there are confused about the problem and subsequently, there are flaws in their strategy.

  • Your letters: Fighting a misguided vicious ideology

    At the tragic events of Paris 11/13, one of the victims of the Bataclan massacre was the rock critic Guillaume B. Decherf. He wrote for the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

  • Your letters: Suspension of death row executions

    It’s a step forward for the government to suspend the executions of death row convicts no matter what the reason behind it is, and it’s better late than never.

  • Issue of the day: US Muslims face backlash after Paris attacks

    Muslims around the US are facing a backlash following the deadly attacks in Paris, including vandalism to mosques and Islamic centers, hate-filled phone and online messages and threats of violence.

  • Text your say: Public skeptical of probe into Setya case

    Your comments on the plan of the House of Representatives’ ethics council to grill House Speaker Setya Novanto, who was accused by Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said of attempting to broker a deal with gold miner PT Freeport Indonesia, which is seeking a work contract extension:

  • Your letters: IS militants dig in

    Using civilians as human shields is common practice with the Islamic State (IS) movement. So is their willingness to kill anyone who raises a white flag. The liberation of the Iraqi town of Ramadi draws closer and as reported by United Press International, IS militants have threatened to kill Ramadi residents if they raise a white flag.

  • Your letters: War not the solution, address root causes

    Though it may be justifiable for France to declare war on terror group the Islamic State (IS) movement, amid calls for the world to unite against terrorism, we must be cognisant of the very real possibilities of sparking further escalation and fuelling a “clash of civilizations”.

  • Your letters: SAARC forms new economic corridor

    Recently, the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC), a body comprising Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, initiated a massive project to link land-locked and energy-rich Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) to the Indian subcontinent via Afghanistan and Iran.

  • Your letters: An open letter to Barack Obama

    I have seen the tragedy in Paris and I have heard the speeches given by you and European leaders following the horrific crime.

  • Your letters: No religious superiority

    Poor education leads to the idea that one religion is better or superior to another. We have had 9/11, the Bali bombings and now the attacks on Paris.

  • Your letters: Taiwan’s participation in UNFCCC

    Re: “RI calls for action in COP21” (Nov. 17, 2015), p1

  • Text your say: Public applauds Purwakarta ruling on tolerance

    Your comments on a circular issued by Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi on the right of residents in the West Java regency to worship according to their own faith:

  • Regional Voice: Are China, Taiwan preparing reconciliation?

    The 81-second firm handshake between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou was not a sign of anxiety but a clear signal to the world that China is prepared for reconciliation.

  • Comments on other issues: RI suspends executions of death row convicts

    The government has suspended executions of convicts on death row amid the current economic slowdown, Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Luhut Panjaitan said on Thursday.