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  • Your letters: Jakarta’s notorious wildlife markets

    News this week from the World Bank, no less, that Indonesia has topped the list of countries throughout the world with the highest number of endangered species, reminds me of a visit I made recently to Jatinegara wildlife market in East Jakarta. What a nightmare it turned out to be.

  • Your letters: Don’t expect miracles under Jokowi

    Speaking in the recent party congress, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) chairwoman said: President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla “must toe the party line because the party policies are consistent with what the public wants”.

  • Your letters: Symbol of disconnection

    I refer to an article titled “House asks for special police guard,” (The Jakarta Post, April 14, p1).

  • Text your say: Execution of Indonesian in Saudi Arabia

    Your comments on the protest by the Indonesian government to the Saudi government over the execution of Siti Zaenab Duhri Rupa, an Indonesian migrant worker, who was found guilty of killing her Saudi employer, without any prior notification to the Indonesian government:

  • Issue of the day: Prison, fines await drinkers

    A priority bill initiated by the House of Representatives has proposed banning all consumption of alcoholic beverages, with imprisonment of between three months and two years for anyone caught consuming alcohol. The bill on the prohibition of alcoholic beverages, a copy of which has been obtained by The Jakarta Post, will put in place a ban on the sale, production, distribution and consumption of all beverages containing more than 1 percent alcohol.

  • Comments on other issues: Test results to gauge schools’ integrity

    The Culture and Elementary and Secondary Education Ministry has said it will use the results of its monitoring of high school and vocational school exams to measure the integrity of individual schools.

  • Comments on other issues: Jokowi shores up market confidence

    President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo made a surprise visit to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Tuesday to shore-up market confidence amid growing concern over inconsistencies in government policies.

  • Your letters: Growth in ASEAN countries

    I refer to an article titled “Jokowi shores up market confidence amid growing concerns”, (The Jakarta Post, April 8, p1).

  • Your letters: On the ban on alcoholic beverages

    Of late, people whom we would expect to think and speak rationally, especially some of those who happen to occupy lofty positions, have adopted the thoroughly alarming habit of uttering statements that are not only illogical, but indicate that they are severely intellectually impaired. If they are not, at least they are in urgent need of a more extensive education, to broaden their constricted minds.

  • Your letters: Give more opportunities to Pertamina

    A small-scale survey done by a private TV company asked: Which oil company is the largest: Total (France), Chevron (US) or Pertamina (Indonesia)? Probably because of nationalism, most participants chose Pertamina.

  • Comments on other issues: Central govt halts Jakarta reclamation

    The director general for marine, coastal and small island affairs at the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, Sudirman Saad, said over the weekend that a recent meeting led by Coordinating Economic Minister Sofyan Djalil agreed to halt the program, which was initiated in 1995.

  • Comments on other issues: Police target complete IS eradication by 2019

    The National Police are aiming for the complete eradication of the radical Islamic State (IS) movement in Indonesia by 2019, matching the commitment of other state security agencies, an official has said.

  • Comments on other issues: UPS graft case suspects resign, demoted

    Alex Usman, a Jakarta administration civil servant who was named a suspect in the 2014 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) procurement case, resigned; and Zainal Soleman, also named a suspect, was demoted.

  • Text your say: Jokowi told to toe party line

    Your comments on the warning from Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri to President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to toe the party line, saying that the party’s policies are consistent with what the public wants:

  • Citizen journalism: A new look of railway stations

    Everything has changed in Pasar Minggu in East Jakarta — including its station! Such was my first impression as I went to take a train from there to Depok.

  • Comments on other issues: Who are the real ulema?

    Ulema (plural for alim) is an Islamic term, which literally means “the men of knowledge”. There is no need to ask who they are unless the person asking does not know what knowledge is. If that is the case, what he should be asking then is: what is knowledge? (By Md. Asham Ahmad)

  • Text your say: Jokowi told to toe party line

    Your comments on the warning from Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri to President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to toe the party line, saying that the party’s policies are consistent with what the public wants:

  • Your letters: Preventing harmful cliques

    Social contagion is the theory of how ideas and emotions spread and go viral. It’s important to recognize this tendency, especially within a company culture. If a few employees become disengaged, the negativity can spread across the entire company quicker than you expect. This concept was illustrated in a University of Michigan study monitoring the spread of eating disorders on college campuses. It’s important to look for early signals and work proactively to reverse the impact.

  • Your letters: Indonesia has a long way to go

    I refer to an article titled “Sukarno’s dynasty is all that glitters in PDI-P,” (The Jakarta Post, April 9).

  • Comments on other issues: Jokowi evaluating his ministers

    President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo continues to evaluate the performances of ministers in his Cabinet, but he has decided not to conduct a reshuffle anytime soon.

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