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  • Comments on other issues: Two Brits may face 5 years imprisonment

    Two British journalists may face five years’ imprisonment for illegally making a documentary in Batam, Riau Islands, an official says.

  • Text your say: Smoking ban in Jakarta still neglected

    Your comments on a resident who filed a complaint with Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama over a shopping mall tenant that allowed customers to smoke inside the building despite a gubernatorial regulation that bans smoking in public places.

  • Your letters: Writer apologizes

    I apologize for any inconvenience and grief that may have been caused by my opinion article. I certainly had no intention of hurting the feelings of the Bangladeshi people, as I am pretty aware of the history of the independence of Bangladesh and the sacrifices of its founding fathers.

  • Your letters: Bangladesh history ignored

    This refers to the article “Modern Asia at 70 is less than ideal” by Mario Rustan published by The Jakarta Post on Aug. 24 (page 7).

  • Comments on other issues: Kuta Police chief denies extortion

    Kuta Police chief Comr. Dedy Januarta has denied that he was involved in an alleged case of money being extorted from a group of Australian tourists, as was recently reported by Australian media.

  • Comments on other issues: Govt to make preschool obligatory

    The Education and Culture Ministry is planning to make it compulsory for parents to enroll their children for early childhood education (PAUD) before entering kindergarten.

  • Your letters: Parents’ role in education of children

    Our children do face a lot of pressure to perform, but their sense of self-worth should not suffer because of it.

  • Your letters: Flow of Mideast migrants to Europe

    Europe is facing its worst migrant crisis since WWII and things are going from bad to worse. According to news reports, 2,000 migrants lost their lives when their overcrowded boat capsized near Zarwa Libya. In another tragic incident, 71 migrants suffocated to death in a small container as they tried to enter Austria, just miles from where EU leaders gathered to discuss the recent flow of migrants into Europe.

  • Your letters: Economic migrants, not refugees

    A nation without borders is not a nation and a nation has the right to control its borders.

  • Comments on other issues: Man arrested for claiming to be God

    The police in Sukabumi, West Java, have nabbed a man, identified as Indra Okata Permana, alias Raden, 35, for claiming to be God and for allegedly burning a Koran.

  • Issue of the day: Najib vows not to step down

    Malaysia’s prime minister vowed he would not quit over a US$700-million financial scandal and accused protesters of showing “poor national spirit” by holding a massive rally to demand his resignation on the eve of the country’s national day on Monday.

  • Your letters: RI wants to have nuke plant in 2024

    Every country has its own history stretching out, different contributions at different times, under different circumstances. Look at the awesomeness of Borobodur — who made that? Who could do that today? People of all colors care deeply about Indonesia. And what Strontium 90 does to the food chain.

  • Your letters: Minority doesn’t mean abnormal

    Same-sex marriage has been a very controversial issue that has drawn more attention since it was allowed by the US Supreme Court. Here in the Philippines, groups and some individuals now would like the same arrangement to be allowed in the country. I would like to share my take on this issue.

  • Issue of the day: Bali cops grilled in violence, extortion case

    After weeks of silence, the Bali Police have finally responded to allegations that local police personnel had committed violence against and extorted money out of several Australian tourists earlier this year, saying that an investigation of the incident was under way.

  • Your letters: A lotus in the midst of gloom

    After reading stories about migrants trying to seek better opportunities elsewhere even at the stake of losing their lives, I had almost given up on humanity.

  • Your letters: RI wants to have nuke plant in 2024

    Has the overly ambitious and exceptionally short-sighted Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry taken a very good look at the way most of us Indonesians treat our environment and handle trash and garbage?

  • Your letters: Growing number of expatriates

    For two decades I have run a business that uses foreign technology. I rely on expats on many levels, simply because Indonesians don’t have the knowledge. There are lots of “workers” but that is no guarantee of the right level. So please explain to me why I should be forced to hire fellow Indonesians who can’t do the job? About trust, I have always trusted various expat finance people through the years.

  • Issue of the day: E. Java man’s divine name upsets local clerics

    The name of a 42-year-old Muslim man from Banyuwangi regency, East Java, has caused great offense to the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

  • Your letters: Sectarianism vs tolerance

    Look around. See the residents of kampung. See the residents trying to support a family on Rp 20,000 (US$ 1.4) or less a day. Look around at the unsanitary conditions people are forced to live in. Look around at the abuse the poor deal with daily.

  • Your letters: Fighting IS

    The Islamic State (IS) didn’t originate in Jordan. It is not just a bunch of disaffected youths who can’t find employment or girls to marry. IS results from extremist psychopathic clerics, an extreme interpretation of the Koran and battle-hardened Taliban, al-Qaeda and other organizations who are so barbaric that they make the former Taliban atrocities look like a Sunday school picnic.