• St. Mary’s home among the banyan trees

    The Sendangsono St. Mary’s Grotto, located in the village of Banjaroyo, Kalibawang district, Kulonprogo regency, was built in 1904. This old pilgrimage place is referred to as the only Indonesian Lourdes as it resembles the place of pilgrimage in France.

  • When cold and hot meet

    It was like a truth-or-dare game when my Japanese guide invited me and my four other Indonesian friends to an onsen (Japanese hot spring bath).

  • White romanticism in Hokkaido

    It was cold. Freezing cold. Winter is harsh and it’s the harshest in Hokkaido compared to other parts of Japan.

  • Fantastic cross-country skiing

    Cross-country, or XC skiing, is part of the Nordic skiing sport family and it has been practiced in Scandinavia and Siberia from prehistoric times.

  • In Cambodia, coming up from the ruins

    ‘Killing fields’, unfortunately, are the words that come to mind when thinking about Cambodia.

    Between 1975 and 1979, more than 3 million of 7 million of Cambodians under the Pol Pot regime were killed in an terrifying effort to rebuild the nation’s social order for scratch.

  • Cheung Chau, Hong Kong’s island getaway

    As Hong Kong has long been known as a paradise for shopping and eating, an island retreat might not be the first thing to pop into the minds of tourists visiting the former British colony, which has been promoting itself as Asia’s world city.

  • Hong Kong in festive mood

    Choreographed by Chloe Wong, also one of the dancers, Heaven Behind the Door is a dance about the meeting of “two halves of one’s soul”.

  • Drawn by the macabre in Kutna Hora

    Passing souvenir stores selling an assortment of skull knickknacks, we knew that we were headed in the right direction.

  • The road less traveled in Tasmania

    Australia, some say, is a country best enjoyed from behind the wheel.

    Its seemingly endless coastline and ubiquitous breathtaking scenery are strong reasons for any tourist to venture on a road trip.

  • Plague memorials, cathedrals and castles

    Setting out for a late-night stroll after hours of driving, we gasped in awe as we turned the corner into Olomouc’s upper town square, for there in front of us was the ornate Holy Trinity Column. Lit up at night, the structure was a sight to behold.