• St. Mary’s home among the banyan trees

    The Sendangsono St. Mary’s Grotto, located in the village of Banjaroyo, Kalibawang district, Kulonprogo regency, was built in 1904. This old pilgrimage place is referred to as the only Indonesian Lourdes as it resembles the place of pilgrimage in France.

  • When cold and hot meet

    It was like a truth-or-dare game when my Japanese guide invited me and my four other Indonesian friends to an onsen (Japanese hot spring bath).

  • White romanticism in Hokkaido

    It was cold. Freezing cold. Winter is harsh and it’s the harshest in Hokkaido compared to other parts of Japan.

  • Fantastic cross-country skiing

    Cross-country, or XC skiing, is part of the Nordic skiing sport family and it has been practiced in Scandinavia and Siberia from prehistoric times.

  • Cheung Chau, Hong Kong’s island getaway

    As Hong Kong has long been known as a paradise for shopping and eating, an island retreat might not be the first thing to pop into the minds of tourists visiting the former British colony, which has been promoting itself as Asia’s world city.

  • Drawn by the macabre in Kutna Hora

    Passing souvenir stores selling an assortment of skull knickknacks, we knew that we were headed in the right direction.

  • The road less traveled in Tasmania

    Australia, some say, is a country best enjoyed from behind the wheel.

    Its seemingly endless coastline and ubiquitous breathtaking scenery are strong reasons for any tourist to venture on a road trip.

  • Papandayan, a mountain for beginners

    Are you interested in mountaineering? If you are going to climb a mountain for the first time, Mount Papandayan is the right choice for beginners.

  • Time Out

    Getting to central sulawesi’s togean islands takes a lot of time, but once you get there, time is the last thing on your mind.

  • Kolombangara the lord of the water

    There is a mystical quality to Kolombangara Island, an extinct volcano that rises out of the sea in the western Solomon Islands.

    A veil of cloud shrouds the edge of the crater, believed to be the original home of the indigenous Dughore people, while the shrill call of birds and the thunder of waterfalls echo through the dense tropical vegetation.

  • Dreaming of Dubrovnik

    With an impressive fireworks display that lit the sky in capital Zagreb, Croatia joined the European Union at midnight on July 1, 2013. Ascending to the ranks of the grouping was strong motivation to avoid future conflicts – apart from the future economic benefits – some technocrats said.

  • Bungin Island, believe it or not

    Goats feeding on paper and rags may be a strange sight for some. The practice is commonplace on Bungin Island.

  • Pieces of Perth to remember

    Weekends in the city mean picnics in parks, gentle strolls in the historical old town of Fremantle, exercising on Swan River’s jogging track or simply reading a book under the pine trees at Cottesloe beach while occasionally gazing at passing surfers. Such scenes make it understandable why Perth is ranked 9th in the 2013 Global Livability Survey. Perth residents seem to be more than happy with their outdoor lives.

  • Phnom Penh: Still a pearl of Asia

    But even if tarantula isn’t your thing, there are the golden spires of the Royal Palace or the distinctive saffron robes of the monks — often with saffron umbrellas to match, as they go on their early morning rounds.

  • The trick to opening doors

    Open House Melbourne has counterparts in many cities of the world, including London, New York and Tel Aviv.

  • A 60-million-year-old ‘ghost cave’ awaits the brave in Sukabumi

    Those looking to get away from it all might try something more unsual, dozens of meters below the Earth’s surface in Ghost Cave, locally known as Guha Siluman, in the southern part of Sukabumi, West Java.

  • When the tide recedes

    From a hill in Adoki Impendi village, Biak Island, a woman gazes at the ebbing sea surface of the beach underneath. With her grip on a spear, she and other villagers wait for the best time to reap trapped fish on the revealed seabed.

  • Old-world KL with a Chinese twist

    Historical and colorful ethnic neighborhoods like Chinatown reflect Kuala Lumpur’s “bright lights, big city” image.

    Buzzing with locals and foreign travelers checking out historic attractions, diverse places of worship, roadside stalls selling counterfeit goods and tucking into affordable yet delicious food.

  • Returning to Indonesia’s nutmeg treasure islands

    Not many people make it to Indonesia’s fabled Spice Islands, the seven tiny Banda Islands in the middle of the Banda Sea, but I’m an exception.

  • Train hits car in South Jakarta

    A Toyota Avanza car with registration plate B 1423 TQ was hit on Wednesday under the Tanjung Barat overpass in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, at 4 p.m.