Panasonic launches AC Inverter ECONAVI


Panasonic AC Inverter ECONAVI proves that smart technology is not exclusively applicable to high-end mobile phones, but also to air-conditioners.

AC Inverter ECONAVI provides many intelligent features, the most striking of which is its dual censor that can detect the position, the activity and the number of people within a room. First it locates specific areas that need more cooling than others, detects the position of the people and then directs its blower to the appointed area and object. It also adjusts its temperature automatically based on the intensity of activity in the room. By doing this, the AC saves 30 percent energy that otherwise would be wasted on constant and unmethodical cooling.

This AC also uses R410A refrigerant that doesn’t contain chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), an organic compound that is harmful to the ozone layer.

Panasonic Corporation’s innovations and developments in environmentally friendly products run in accordance with its 100-year vision to become the number one green company in the electronics industry in 2018.

 “AC Inverter ECONAVI is part of Panasonic’s mission and commitment to continually produce environmentally friendly products. The goal is to produce products that save energy without reducing convenience for consumers,” says PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia vice president director Rinaldi Sjarif.