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The Newspaper in Education or NIE is a world-wide program on education, bringing together the newspaper industry, participating school system and the business community, to encourage and support classroom learning with a news approach.

The Jakarta Post NIE program, run by The Jakarta Post Foundation, is dedicated to providing an educational service that nurtures the next generation of newspaper readers and encourages lifelong reading skills through the use of newspapers.

The foundation has worked with the central and local governments as well as a number of educational institutions, corporations and NGOs in collaborative learning projects such as workshops for teachers and students, various competitions and an English fun day.

We value and appreciate your continued support in our NIE program that would help enhance the development of 21st century skills.










Latest NIE Workshop for Teachers in cooperation with Total E&P Indonesie
Place : Kutai Kartanegara,
               East Kalimantan

Date  : 14-18 June 2010







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