ICRC steps up probe into
Irian Jaya case

JAYAPURA, Irian Jaya: The Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has stepped up its probe into the alleged involvement of the ICRC in the 1996 massacre in Mapnduma, Jaya Wijaya regency.

Bernard Barret, of the Jakarta ICRC office, told The Jakarta Post in Jayapura on Tuesday that Swiss Pierre Obuchowicz has been hired by the ICRCAssembly Council, the highest body of the ICRC, to conduct a plenary analysis of the alleged involvement of the ICRC during military operations three years ago to release hostages abducted by the Free Papua Movement (OPM), led by Kelly Kwalik and Danies Yudas Kogeya.

Investigations conducted by the Jayapura Institution of Human Rights Studies and Advocacy (IHRSTAD), the Roman Catholic Church of Jayapura Diocese, the Evangelical Christian Church Synod and the Indonesian Bible Camp Church indicated that Sylviane Bonadei, a staff member of the ICRC, was involved in the military operation initiated by the Indonesian Army's Special Force Command (Kopassus).

""He (Obuchowicz) was chosen because he is considered capable in this matter, as he knows much about ICRC but does not work for ICRC,"" Bernard said.

Obuchowicz, who has been in Jayapura since Monday, is scheduled to leave for Timika on Thursday. (eba)

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