Downtown bar gang clash
leaves 2 dead

JAKARTA (JP): Central Jakarta Police detectives are questioning nine people, including the son of a youth organization chairman, following the murder of a police mobile brigade (Brimob) private and a civilian early on Sunday morning.

Police identified the dead victims as First Pvt. Abraham Mau, 23, and Belly Sihombing, 25, a resident of Jl. Swadaya I in Pejaten Timur, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

The two were reportedly killed on Sunday morning by rival gang members atthe B.C. (Broadcast) Cafe in the Sarinah building on Jl. Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Jakarta Police spokesman Lt. Col. Zainuri Lubis said.

Zainuri said the police would keep details of the investigation confidential since it concerned a member of the force and allegedly involved R.M. Sahid Abishalom BN, alias Abi, 25, the son of the chairman ofthe Pemuda Pancasila youth organization, Yapto Soerjosoemarno.

""Police have identified the nine as Abi and Abi's friends, Panji Arisoma,Syafiq, Senfi Sino Sensius, Geradus Pedro, Andi, Samapati, Daeng Syaeful and Wahyuddin,"" Zainuri said.

An eyewitness who requested anonymity said about six men stormed into thecafe at about 1 a.m. and cut the music.

""Calling themselves aparat (police officers), one of them got on top of the bar and started calling out for Abi, while holding a badik (machete). He said he was someone from David's group, and had come to settle a score with Abi.""

The eyewitness said Abi smiled when he heard his name called, but did notidentify himself.

Abi's friends, identifying themselves as belonging to Andi's group, eventually faced off against the six men and a brawl began. The eyewitness said Abi sat during the fight.

While Abraham and Belly were stabbed continuously, their four friends managed to escape.

Abraham died at the scene, but bystanders managed to rush Belly to CikiniHospital in Central Jakarta, where he later died.

A police source said Abi's brother Yedidiah S.K. Soerjosoemarno, 22, was in a fight with a member of David's group about three weeks ago.

""Since members of David's group could not get hold of Yedidiah, they wentafter Abi. They found out that Abi usually hangs out at B.C. Cafe,"" the source said.

""Abi stopped showing up there for a few days. Then, Andi called Abi and told him that things were fine. When Abi showed up, this mess happens.""

Yedidiah has been in trouble with the law before.

Last October, police detectives detained Yedidiah for allegedly assaulting a cafe owner.

The complainant, Ali S., is the owner of Pringo cafe on Jl. Iskandarsyah,South Jakarta. Ali is also the son-in-law of legislator Arifin Panigoro.

The beating reportedly resulted from an argument concerning Yedidiah's group.

Yedidiah's lawyer, Sofhar Maru Hutagalung, said the fight began when the group was barred from entering the cafe.

Sofhar claimed Yedidiah was not among the people who beat Ali.

Yedidiah was also sentenced to 10 months' probation in March 1995 for beating Achmad Dipoditoro, son of business tycoon and then manpower minister Abdul Latief.

Achmad suffered serious facial injuries in the assault.

The judge rejected the prosecutor's request for a jail term, arguing thatYedidiah, then 16, would be corrupted by mixing with hardened criminals. (ylt)

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