DLLAJ asks for trail bikes,

JAKARTA (JP): The City Traffic and Land Transportation Agency (DLLAJ) is to ask the government for 100 trailer bikes and dozens of firearms to facilitate its members in carrying out their duty to discipline public bus drivers.

Head of the agency Rustam Effendy told reporters that the officers need such bikes to chase delinquent public drivers who often violate traffic regulations. He said that the existing 1,000 cc motorbikes his agency have are no longer sufficient for the task.

""My men also need firearms to protect them from hoodlums who often abuse them while on duty,"" he argued.

Governor Sutiyoso said separately that he had not received the proposal.

City Councillor Tjuk Sudono from Commission D on Development Affairs supported the suggestion to replace the current motorbikes with the more practical trail bikes, but frowned upon the idea of arming the agency's officers.

""The firearms will only worsen the situation. The agency don't need them,"" he said.(bby)

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