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On July 18, 2001, I sent a document with the Semarang branch, of TNT to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. TNT's reference number was GD 259316615 WW. The document was received on July 20. It was pointed out by the recipient that the envelopes inside the TNT tamper-proof bag had been ripped open and my valuables were missing.

The TNT bag was intact but the envelopes containing the important documents and valuables had been opened! How could this occur unless it was an inside job!

I'm very upset with this matter. I'm aware that one is not supposed to send anything of value by courier and if one does do so, it's at one's own risk. TNT is not liable for any losses but, according to TNT's worldwide philosophy, ""TNT will make sure that your document, consignment and business mail are delivered safely and on time..."" So is TNT going to stand by its statement in this case? Why were my envelopes ripped open ?

This matter was pointed out to TNT customer service in Semarang on July 24 and then in Jakarta on July 26. Up to now, I have yet to receive any explanation regarding this matter. Instead, I was told by the Jakarta TNT customer service staff to contact the Semarang branch for an explanation. This is absurd. To my understanding, the sealed bag is supposed to be tamper proof. This proves that TNT Indonesia lacks proper control over the safety of its customers' documents.

Maybe it doesn't matter if TNT's customer service is terrible. However, in my opinion, TNT has built a good reputation worldwide and the above incident and experience upsets me.

Also, TNT staff should make it a point to seal the customer's document in front of the customer. Based on my experience, this was not carried out at your Semarang branch.

I demand an investigation into this matter and a written explanation.



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