Remy wins Khatulistiwa
Literary Award

Author Remy Sylado was presented the QB Worldbook 2001-2002 Khatulistiwa Literary Award for Best Indonesian Fiction for his book Kerudung Merah Kirmizi (Kirmizi's Red Cape) at a ceremony at Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, on Friday.

Other nominees for this year's award included Ayu Utami for Larung, Joko Pinurbo for Pacarkecilku (My little Girlfriend), Supartobrata for Saksi Mata (Eyewitness) and Yanusa Nugroho for Segulung Cerita Tua (A Bundle of Old Stories).

The award is aimed at supporting local literary figures as well as improving Indonesian literature to international standards, Richard Oh, chairman of the Khatulistiwa Foundation, said at the ceremony.

This year's prize of Rp 50 million (US$5,434), minus 25 percent tax, was more than last year's Rp 30 million due to an increased number of sponsors, namely the Indonesian version of BusinessWeek, private television station RCTI and Marketing tabloid in addition to Honda, Secure Parking, Mont Blanc and The Jakarta Hilton Hotel.

Besides literary works -- such as short-story compilation, compilation of poems, and novels -- this year's award was expanded to include playscripts as well.

""The category expansion was made with the consideration that the Khatulistiwa Literary Award recognizes all forms of creative writing,"" Richard said.

Works that are eligible for the award are those first published between Sept. 1, 2001, and Aug. 31, 2002, are original works and are distributed across Indonesia.

Judges for this year's awards included Riris K. Toha Sarumpaet, Sutardji Calzoem Bachri, Eka Budianta and Pamusuk Eneste. -- JP

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