PT Berri Indosari clarifies

With reference to the article published in The Jakarta Post on May 6, titled Quality of Berri Juice, we sincerely appreciate Bapak Sidharta's input and would like to clarify as follows:

Sugar can act as a preservative to extend the shelf life of juice. An unsweetened orange juice is a fresh, pure orange juice with no added sugar, thus it becomes much more temperature-sensitive. Consequently, the juice has to be stored below 4C at all times, from the factory down to the display chiller at the stores and to the consumer's refrigerator. If the juice is opened and exposed to temperatures above 4C, even for only an hour or two, the shelf life of the juice will be reduced significantly.

We always test the quality of our products from the receipt of the imported raw materials and throughout production, to ensure that we maintain our products' quality. For your information, we have also put our email address on the new product label, i.e., [email protected] to enable us to receive and respond to consumers' input immediately.

We would be grateful if Bapak Sidharta could email us directly to provide us more information as to where and when you bought our product for the purposes of our further verification.

We never compromise the quality of our products and continuously ensure that we deliver the highest quality products to our consumers.

E. SADIKOEN, General Manager, PT Berri Indosari, Tangerang, Banten

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