Cipadu Market grows to
become robust textile center

Multa Fidrus, The Jakarta Post, Tangerang

Started as a traditional market, Cipadu Market on Jl. Raya Pondok Aren in Larangan district, Tangerang municipality, has grown to become a robust textile and garment center.

With an average Rp 140 billion (US$15.73 million) worth of transactions every day, buyers come to the market from large cities across the country. Many previously purchased clothing at the well-known Tanah Abang textile market, Central Jakarta, and Jatinegara Market in East Jakarta.

""My buyers even come from overseas, like Singapore, South Korea and Japan. They prefer to come to Cipadu Market because the traffic congestion heading to the two large textile markets gives them headaches,"" Madsani, 56, who runs a ready-to-wear clothing kiosks, told The Jakarta Post recently.

The father of five said he started his business at the market with ten other traders by opening temporary kiosks. As the business grew, the number of traders at the market increased to 140.

Meanwhile, Jasril, 37, a buyer who has three garment stores in Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, said that he had been a customer since early 2003.

""I used to buy textiles and garments at Tanah Abang Market but after the market was burned down in 2002, I moved to Cipadu. I would never return to Tanah Abang because I find this market sells better goods at lower prices,"" he said.

He added that he heard about the market from a friend who also runs a garment kiosk at Cipadu Market.

""I told everybody back home about this market and its easy access,"" Jasril said.

Recently Tangerang municipal administration realized the potential of the market, building 100 permanent shops on a one-hectare plot of land at the market.

The new building was inaugurated by Tangerang mayor Wahidin Halim last week.

""We expect the Cipadu Market to develop into an integrated textile business center,"" he told the Post.

""Access to the market from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is easy and only takes 30 minutes,"" he said.

Since Tangerang municipality has become an industrial town, Wahidin also called on the community to support the market.

""Cipadu Market is specially designated for textile and garment traders, therefore, no vehicle workshops will be allowed around the market in order to keep it clean,"" he stressed.

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