Joy Tobing quits record

JAKARTA: Joy Tobing, 24, decided to officially terminate her contract with PT BMG Indonesia, claiming that the recording company had ignored its commitments to her.

Lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea stated on Thursday that his client was ready for a legal battle should PT BMG Indonesia resist the unilateral termination.

""Since March 23, Joy has started as an independent singer and is no longer part of PT BMG,"" Hotman told the press at his office here.

Joy was crowned Indonesian Idol in September last year, outshining rival Delon at the final battle of the first Indonesian Idol. She won the majority of the four million votes over Delon after a week-long voting frenzy via cell phone text messaging and premium-rate telephone calls.

She won all the prizes -- including a Toyota Vios sedan -- except the chance to contest the World Idol.

According to Hotman, the Indonesian Idol organizer has disillusioned the public.

Before Joy was named Indonesian Idol winner, the organizer repeatedly announced that the winner would get a chance to contest World Idol.

""I also regret that PT BMG has not informed about sales of my first album,"" she said, referring to her album Karena Cinta (Because of Love). - JP

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