Slank has new album for

Rock group Slank is making a new album, their 14th, whose lyrics will maintain their current populist style of talking about social conditions.

""We have prepared 10 songs. We expect to release the album in December,"" Slank's drummer Bimbim quoted as saying by Kompas Cyber Media.

Band members Kaka, Bimbim, Ivanka, Ridho and Abdee said that during the fasting month they shifted their studio time to night until dawn.

""If we hadn't done that, Kaka (Slank's vocalist) could not have sung well; perhaps he could not endure the thirst and hunger when he was fasting,"" Bimbim said, laughing.

They said that during Ramadhan they also declined orders to perform, particularly those of a commercial nature.

""This is because during every Ramadhan since 1998 we've organized breaking-of-the-fast events together with Slankers (Slank fans),"" Kaka explained.

""Besides, we want to spend more time with our families,"" Bimbim added.

On the Indonesian music map, Slank probably has the largest fan club, with at least 400,000 registered members.

Slankers are staunch enthusiasts always ready to buy Slank albums, merchandise or concert tickets.

Since their seventh album, South Jakarta-based Slank has gone indie, setting up their own label, Slank Records. With 400,000 registered Slankers the band need not worry whether the album will sell; they are confident enough to release two albums a year. -- JP

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