'Too many people in power
who only talk'

Donations and aid for the earthquake victims of Yogyakarta and Central Java continue to flow in, but many affected areas are still yet to receive help. The Jakarta Post talked to some Jakarta residents about the problem.

Riska Ogi, 25, is a student at the London School of Public Relations. She lives in Kuningan, South Jakarta:

Aid is actually in abundance from various sources, it's the distribution that has not met the needs of the people. There's just too much bureaucracy, making aid distribution vulnerable to misuse.

I think that there are too many people in power who only talk, but never practice what they promise in helping out the victims in Yogyakarta. Government officials should not just travel here and there to visit, but should instead immediately give help to people in the places they visited.

There are also many posts in Jakarta receiving aid from the public, but their affiliations are not clear, nor is how they will send the collected aid off to the victims. For all we know, they could be using the donations for themselves.

Jahidin, 29, is a taxi driver. He lives in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta:

I really do pity the victims. Who would have the heart not to? Who would ever choose to suffer a disaster?

I think that even if the aid collected by the public is distributed to the intended victims, there is still a lack of coordination between those distributing it.

I am also not sure whether the people collecting donations on the streets will truly pass the money on to the people in Yogyakarta. I already know that the ones in the Betawi Communication Forum and the Betawi Brotherhood Forum are collecting donations just to act big and show off.

I really do hope Yogyakarta will be able to return to her beautiful self.

-- The Jakarta Post

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