Sebastian Gunawan's colorful

Sebastian's love for fashion began more than 20 years ago.

Since his junior high school years, Seba, as his friends call him, discovered and developed his talent by experimenting with designs.

His creations were worn by his schoolmates and family members on special occasions.

Their love for his designs first validated his talent in the fashion world.

The journey continues.

In 1993, Sebastian introduced his first line in the Indonesian fashion industry with a personal, exclusive collection.

In 1995, together with his wife, Cristina, Sebastian launched ""ready to wear"" collection named ""VOTUM"", which means ""Vote of Confidence"".

This collection is available in every Metro and Sogo department stores across Indonesia.

In 2000, Sebastian and Cristina introduced another ready to wear collection: SEBASTIAN'S (Red Label).

This collection is available at SEBASTIAN'S boutiques in Plaza Senayan Mall, Taman Anggrek, and Harmoni Plaza

With a strong foothold at home, Sebastian then ventured into the international market.

He has participated in international fashion tours, including the Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia fashion weeks, the Southeast Asia International Fashion Show in Naning, China, and others in Tokyo and Osaka.

In 2004, Sebastian won the first prize in the IAF World Young Designer competition in Barcelona, Spain.

The unique bond that Sebastian has cultivated with the fashion world and his many fans continues to grow, and it is a certainty that his love for creative clothes will continue to play a central role in the Indonesian fashion industry.

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