Orangutan returned to Jambi

JAMBI, Jambi: A Sumatran orangutan, who has been living in Australia for 14 years, recently arrived in Jambi in preparation for being sent back to its natural habitat, an official said Monday.

Jambi Conservation and Natural Resources Agency head Maraden Purba said that Tamara, the orangutan, would be quarantined for six to 12 months near Pengian River in Tebo regency before being returned to the wild.

""The quarantine period is necessary to enable the animal to adapt to its new environment,"" Purba said, adding this was necessary because the orangutan was used to living in a zoo.

Purba explained the animal would need to be taught how to look for food in the jungle so that it would be able to survive when it was returned to the forest in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park.

With the arrival of Tamara the number of orangutans in the national park has risen to 80, although 20 are still in quarantine. -- JP

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