Formaldehyde found in school

DEPOK: Depok municipal health agency has found that food vendors in the vicinities of 44 schools in six districts are selling food containing hazardous substances, including formaldehyde, sodium benzoate, cyclamate and borax.

""The finding is based on our survey of 72 elementary schools in Depok in November,"" Yulia Oktavia, the head of the agency's monitoring unit, was quoted as saying by Tempointeraktif news website Thursday.

Noodle dishes, jellies, tofu, donuts and iced fruit cocktails were among the snacks tested by the agency.

Yulia said benzoate and cyclamate were commonly used as food additives here, but the level found in the school snacks exceeded the permissible level.

""Other substances found in the samples, such as borax, rhodamin, formaldehyde and yellow methanil -- used as a dye -- are not fit for consumption,"" she said. -- JP

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