Louis Vuitton reveals Spring

French fashion maker Louis Vuitton offers female customers a wide selection of lovely, ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for Spring/Summer 2007-2008.

Many of the collections show delicate pastels and faded florals to fabulously feminine effect.

The design was inspired by 18th-century fabrics, whose motifs were photo-printed onto ethereal voile and organza, while classic liberty prints were bleached to create an exquisitely vintage look.

The fashion producer also offers customers various accessories that will even more adorn them. Like many of the main pieces, accessories add charm.

The accessories include leather and denim bags, bracelets, metal lace cuffs, gloves and scarves. -- JP

Louis Vuitton Indonesia

122 B Plaza Senayan, Jl Asia Afrika No.8, Jakarta
tel: 5725139

L1-166 Plaza Indonesia, Jl MH Thamrin 28-30, Jakarta
tel: 3906022

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