KPUD revises total number
of eligible voters

Bali General Elections Commission (KPUD) on Thrusday revised the total number of eligible voters to 2,631,754 people, an increase by 58 voters who were mistakenly not registered at the village level.

"We found an error in the recapitulation of the total number of eligible voters in the District Election Commission (PPK) in Banjar Rangkan, Klungkung Regency, and Abang, Karangasem Regency," I Made Wena, a coordinator of the Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) said.

"There were 57 voters in Klungkung and another one in Karangasem who were not included on the list," he said.

KPUD conducted the second plenary meeting on June 9 to revise the number of eligible voters it announced after the first plenary meeting on June 2.

The number of eligible voters were registered in nine regencies and city in Bali with Denpasar having 392,925 voters, Badung 292,770, Tabanan 331,257, Jembrana 203,983, Buleleng 470,405, Bangli 163,113, Karangasem 311, 256, Klungkung 139,089 and Gianyar 326,955.

According to Wena, KPUD still has a chance to make another revision for one week after Thursday's announcement.

"If we did not make a revision, the 58 people would have lost their voting rights in the election," he said.

The final number of eligible voters will be used by KPUD as a basis to determine the number of polling booths, general election officials, ballot papers and other logistic requirements in the election process.

Currently KPUD is planning to establish 5,683 polling booths throughout the island in the election.

One of the KPUD members, Ketut Sukawati Lanang Putra Perbawa, said that miscalculation of eligible voters list was common in the election process.

"It does not only happen in Bali, but also in other regions that have conducted regional elections," he said.

"Besides, we are still counting the number manually so there is a high possibility we will make mistakes," he said, adding that it would be the last revision of eligible voters.

"We only have seven days after we announce the list to make a revision. After that, if Panwaslu finds another error we will not be able to follow it up anymore," he said.

Three pairs of candidates will take part in the first ever direct gubernatorial election in Bali. The election will take place on July 9.

The three pairs are Cokorda Budi Suryawan and Nyoman Gde Suwetha, who are supported by Golkar and Bali People's Coalition, and an alliance of several minor parties, Made Mangku Pastika and AA Puspayoga endorsed by the biggest political power in the island Indonesian Democratic Party for Struggle (PDI-P) and I Gde Winasa and Alit Putra, who are backed up by Bali Awakening Coalition (KKB), a group of 11 minor parties.

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