Student protesting fuel
price hikes dies in hospital

A student from the National University, Jakarta who was beaten and arrested by police officers after protesting against the fuel price hikes late last month died Friday in a local hospital.

The student, identified as Maftuh Fauzi, 27, died with infection all over his body, SCTV reported.

Maftuh and other students were staging a protest against the fuel price hikes on May 24, when the South Jakarta police officers started attacking and beating them.

Maftuh was among the protesters arrested by the police.

Several days later, Maftuh was released from the police jail, but he must go to hospital to receive treatment for his bruises and wounds before finally died.

Other students in the university are currently holding a demonstration before the South Jakarta police office, demanding the police chief step down from his post and be responsible for Maftuh's death.(***)

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