About 2,000 industries
ready to shift Saturday,
Sunday days-off

About 2,000 of the country's 6,800 industries have declared their readiness to shift their weekend days off (Saturday and Sunday) to other days, says a spokesman of state electricity company PLN.

"About 2,000 industries are ready to shift their days off from Saturday and Sunday to weekdays. Of the total, about 50 percent are ready to start the program at the end of this month," PLN's director for Java-Bali distribution, Murtaqi Syamsuddin, said here on Tuesday.

He said his office had made an inventory of 6,000 industries out of the existing 6,800 companies.

"We actually hope that all industries will make the shift before August 2008," Syamsuddin said.

According to the PLN official, the shift was to have been carried out by July 31 depending on the readiness of the companies concerned.

He said the companies were in different states of readiness.

"The shifting of the days off needs a common understanding. So I do not want to talk about sanctions, but of coordination and understanding," he said.

"We hope the program will run well because industries have also responded to it positively as they understand the problem," he said.

He said there were 1,000 industries which would begin to carry out the program on July 31, 2008.

The government has called on industries to shift their Saturday and Sunday days off to week days so that power supply surpluses on Saturdays and Sundays can be put to productive use
and their need for power on weekdays can be reduced.(**)

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