KPK lifts travel ban on
Joko Tjandra

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has lifted a travel ban on a business tycoon who was allegedly linked to a bribery case involving prosecutor Urip Tri Gunawan.

The corruption watchdog had lifted the ban since Sept. 26 because it had not found any evidence that Joko Soegiarto Tjandra was involved in the case, KPK deputy chairman Bibit Samad Riyanto said on Tuesday.

"We did not find any proof of the relationship between Joko and businesswoman Artalyta Suryani in the case," he said.

On April 24, the KPK prohibited Joko from traveling overseas after Artalyta made a statement in court which indicated his involvement.

The corruption court sentenced her to five years in prison after she was found guilty of bribing Urip.

Artalyta, who has a close link to tycoon Sjamsul Nursalim, gave US$66,000 to Urip only two days after the Attorney General's Office (AGO) ceased its investigations into the misuse of the Indonesian Banking Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) fund involving Sjamsul.

Joko is a former defendant in the BLBI III case that implicated Cessie Bank and caused some Rp 546 billion in state losses. The Supreme Court, however, accepted his appeal and freed him from all charges.

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