Hundreds of dogs put down,
vaccinated against rabies
in Bali

Bali administration reported on Tuesday it had put down 281 dogs and vaccinated 683 others in an effort control a recent outbreak of rabies in the island.

The government has prepared up to 20,000 doses of vaccine and 12,000 doses of poison to eradicate the disease, Agricultural Ministry husbandry director general Tjeppy D Soedjana said on

Four people have been confirmed dead after being bitten by rabid street dogs in South Kuta.

The administration has inoculated hundreds of people in Ungasan, South Kuta, Jimbaran and Kuta in response to the outbreak.

"Dog owners have been requesting vaccinations. Local administrations have decided to put down stray dogs," Tjeppy said as quoted by Tempointeraktif.com.

Bali administration estimates there are around 20,000 dogs in the island, and has vowed to regain Bali's rabies-free status before the end of the year. (dre)

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