High waves, bad weather
isolates Karimunjawa

Residents of the Karimunjawa Islands in Jepara, Central Java, are concerned about their stocks of basic necessities as high waves and bad weather have blocked access to the islands.

Arif Rahman, head of Karimunjawa village, one of three villages on the islands, said Thursday that the last time any ship harbored on the islands was on Jan. 7.

"We are running out of vegetables. Other foods may last another week," he told The Jakarta Post.

Separately, Jepara Regent Hendro Martoyo said his administration was planning a special delivery of supplies to the island.

"They still have five tonnes of rice there, it should be enough for a week. We are waiting for the end of the week, if the weather's good we'll go there," he said.

Previously, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said that sustained heavy downpours and high waves, which could reach heights of 6 meters in the Java Sea, would last until Jan. 17. (dre)

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