Legislative candidate commits
suicide, two others sent
to mental institution

A legislative candidate from the West Javan town of Banjar was found dead Tuesday morning after allegedly committing suicide, kompas.com reported.

Sri Hayati, 23, from the National Awakening Party (PKB), was found hanging in a hut in the middle of a rice field just seven kilometers from her inlaws after being reported missing two days ago.

Hayati, who was five months pregnant, was thought to have committed suicide after securing a low number of marginal votes during the legislative elections on April 9.

According to Lankaplancar police officer Adung, Hayati went missing Sunday evening.

Adung said Hayati's husband, Mastur Maulana Yusuf, searched for her and filed a missing persons report at the police office Monday evening.

No signs of violence or injuries were found on the body when she was discovered by a tree sapper Tuesday morning, leading the police to suggest that Hayati's death was connected to her failed candidacy for the regional council.

Hayati was said to have secured a mere 10 votes within the Banjar I constituency, which included Banjar and Purwaharja.

PKB Banjar representative Zaenal Muttaqien, however, denies the police conclusion.

"There was no pressure. Hayati was just a party supporter, she wasn't a party functionalist or member of the party's steering committee. She was only added to the party's list of candidates in order to fulfill the 30 percent quota for women," Muttaqien said.

Meanwhile in Central Kalimantan's Palangka Raya, two legislative candidates and three political party supporters were admitted into the Kalawa Atei Assylum (BKJM) on Tuesday.

According to BKJM chief Wineini Marhaeni Rubay, one of the legislative candidates arrived on April 10 suffering severe mental distress and received emergency treatment prior to being transferred to the Joint Adulam Ministry Foundation mental hospital.

Two other legislative candidates displayed signs of similar stress and have been undergoing intensive treatment, she added.

"The legislative candidate who suffered severe mental distress was said to have acted strange following the election, declining to shower, eat and would laugh everytime he saw the vote tally of his party," Rubay said. She declined to reveal his name or which party he was affiliated with. (amr)

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