Sumatran volcano shows
intensified volcanic activity

Volcanic activity in Mount Kerinci, the highest mountain in Sumatra, has been intensifying with repeated tremors and eruptions recorded by the local volcano observation post threatening the populated area below.

On Sunday and Monday the volcano erupted, sending a cloud of dust 400 meters above its crater and onto the tea plantation on its slopes. On Tuesday there was another small eruption.

Heru Prasetyo, head of the Mount Kerinci Observation Post, said Tuesday in Kerinci regency that the volcano had been showing increased activity in the past week.

“We have warned local people to remain cautious. We have told them they should wear masks when going outdoors,” he said.

The volcano, standing 3,800 meter above sea level on the border of Jambi and West Sumatra, has been one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. (dre)

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