Sebapharma wins lawsuit
over product trademark

Central Jakarta District Court ruled in favor of Germany-based cosmetic company Sebapharma in a legal battle over the trademark of a product registered by another company.

The presiding judges granted all of Sebapharma's demands, which includes registration cancellation of the ‘Seba’ trademark by a businessman, Edi Djohan.

 “We are quite content about the ruling; it suits the law,” Sebapharma lawyer Agus Tribowo Sakti said outside the courtroom.

Agus argued that Edi's trademark was registered in a bad faith and that it contained a part of the company's name and therefore bear resemblance of its 'Sebamed' trademark, which was registered in 1997.

Sebamed is a trademark for Sebapharma's cosmetic products, registered not only in Indonesia but also in Germany, Australia and the European Union countries.

Agus said by using the same first word 'Seba', Edi had benefited from the popularity of Sebamed brand name.

No comments so far from Edi’s team of lawyers. (adh)

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