Nia Dinata gears up for
children’s film festival

JP/J. Adiguna

JAKARTA: From children for children: That’s what top filmmaker Nia Dinata had in her mind when planning the Indonesian International Children’s Film Festival.

In the festival, which will he held from July 17 to July 26 in Jakarta, kids won’t only sit tight in the audience, but will also be involved in the whole process — from filmmaking to judging.

“It’s a festival that involves children 100 percent,” says Nia, who manages the Kalyana Shira Foundation that organized the festival. “I want Indonesian children to truly enjoy this festival, that’s why we chose [the theme] from children for children,” she explains.

The festival, Nia says, will feature 32 films, eight of which are short movies. Not only will the festival feature local movies, it will also bring foreign movies to the center stage, including those from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Mexico.

According to her, three local movies were produced by Indonesian children coming from less-fortunate families, who received scholarships from the UK-based Independent Schools Careers Organization (ISCO).

Selected children aged from 10 to 15, Nia says, will also take part in judging the films. By involving children in the judging process, “we expect the films that come out as winners to be those that are really loved by children, and chosen from the children’s’ perspectives,” she says.  

As for the children’s’ jury, “They’ll only participate in judging the short movies, because doing so on long movies would only burden them,” adds Nia, who is currently working on a 3-D movie for children. —JP  

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