Presidential Election

Presidential elections
to go ahead despite problematic
voters list

General Elections Commission chairman Abdul Hafiz Anshari said Sunday that the commission would not postpone the presidential elections, slated on July 8, and would update voters list from time to time.

"If there are double names, we will cross them out," Abdul Hafidz was quoted by tempointeraktif.com as saying.

He also played down concerns that some people would vote more than once, saying that the current system would minimize such practices by requiring voters who have cast their ballot to dip their fingers into the provided ink.

When asked about the problematic list of voters as reported by the success team of presidential and vice presidential candidate Jusuf Kalla-Wiranto, Abdul Hafidz said that KPU had crossed check the data with local election bodies (KPUD) and found out that the data provided by JK-Wiranto team was the old data.

"Based on our random sampling, we concluded that there were differences between the list of voters submitted by the JK team and the data from KPUDs," he said.

Many of the data submitted by the JK-Wiranto team were from the November 2008 data, while KPU had updated the data, and the last updated data was that of May 2009, he said.

The JK-Wiranto campaign team had suggested that KPU postponed the elections to update its list of voters.

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