Constitutional Court decision
supports KPU

The Constitutional Court (MK) decided Friday that the second phase of vote counting by the General Election Commission (KPU) in the legislative elections was valid.

The decision annulled the Supreme Court (MA) verdict on June 18, which nullified the second phase of vote counting.

The MA verdict, which has been widely criticized, would have transferred 66 House seats from smaller to larger parties, with a further 1,300 regional council seats changing hands as well.

The MK stressed that its decision must be applied to the KPU vote counting method used in the 2009 legislative election.

The MK chairman Mahfud MD said that generally law decisions were not retroactive. However, since the legislative election would affect the future distribution seats in the House of Representative, the decision must be applied.

“The debate about whether a ruling can be retroactive has nothing to do with this case. The most important thing is to protect constitutional rights.”

KPU members gladly received the MK’s decision. (mrs)

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