RI ambassador questioned
about Pendet dance controversy

Three legislators from the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) have met with the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia to inquire about the controversy surrounding a television advertisement depicting the Balinese Pendet dance.

There was uproar initially when it was believed an infomercial for a segment on Malaysia for The Discovery Channel, featuring dancers performing the traditional routine, was an official Malaysian tourism ad.

The three legislators — Aida Ismet Abdullah from Riau Islands, Parlindungan Purba from North Sumatra and Eni Khairani from Bengkulu — met with the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia, Dai Bachtiar to discuss progress.

After the meeting, Parlindungan said the Malaysian government had not claimed the Pendet dance.

He said the controversial ad filmed for The Discovery Channel was produced by the TV channel for a documentary titled Enigmatic Malaysia.

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