Victims report to UN special

In another attempt at justice, families and victims of the 1984 Tanjung Priok massacre sent a letter to a United Nations special rapporteur Friday pleading for an intervention in the unresolved case.

The Human Rights Working Group and the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) assisted in sending the letter to Gabriela Carina Knaul de Albuquerque e Silva, the UN special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers.

Yetti, whose father fell victim to the bloody incident, told The Jakarta Post that she hoped sending the letter would lead to a new investigation, and in turn, a review of the case.

“I am optimistic that we’ll get something good out of it. There are witnesses that have never been presented in courts or undergone questioning,” she said on the sidelines of a press conference held in Kontras’ office in Jakarta.

The Tanjung Priok massacre took place on Sept. 12, 1984, when a number of personnel from the armed forces opened fire into a crowd of Muslim protesters.
There were conflicting reports on the total death toll, but Tanjung Priok residents claim 400 people were either killed or went missing.

Usman Hamid, coordinator of Kontras, a local NGO that has long represented the Priok victims, said that sending the letter would act as a reminder for the government to reinvestigate the case.

“It is also to remind the president to use his authority to give the victims their rights.” (adh)

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