Residents demand to build
public space beneath overpass

Residents of Penjaringan in North Jakarta presented Monday their plans to turn an area below a toll road overpass near their neighborhood into a public space for educational activities.

"This is the first time [the people] have communicate their wishes [about city planning] with the stakeholders," said Haryanti Koostanto, from Mercy Corps, one of the NGOs that facilitated the planning and presenting process.

Officials attending the presentation and discussion included representatives from the Public Works Ministry, the city’s spatial planning agency, and the city's toll road operator, PT CMNP.

"As many as 600 residents have participated in planning the ways to take advantage of the area under the toll road," Sofyan Jaya, from the Development of Community Under Elevated Road Group, told the officials in his presentation.

The residents, through participatory spatial planning workshops, have produced designs for how the area should be utilized.

"We want a reading area," said resident Robi Cahyadi.

Another resident, Turah, a housewife, said she wanted a space where her children could play.

Spatial planning agency head M. Suhardyoko said the residents could forward the idea to the governor.

"Their proposal should be delivered straight to the governor, after which it should be given to the agency to assess, and then the budget discussed at meetings about construction," he said. (dis

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