Blast may be result of
falling space waste or
meteorite: Lapan

An expert from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) said Thursday a blast that had frightened residents of Pallete village in the South Sulawesi regency of Bone earlier in the day might have come from falling space waste or a meteorite.

Lapan Center for Climate and Atmosphere Science Implementation head Thomas Djamaluddin said accounts of the explosion from local residents indicated it was likely a falling meteorite.

"But it could also be falling space waste. We’re still investigating it," he told The Jakarta Post.

Space junk includes discarded materials from rockets, satellites or space stations, Thomas said.

South Sulawesi Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Hery Subiansauri said the blast was not from a crashed airplane.

Commander of Sultan Hasanuddin Military Airbase in Makassar, Commodore IB Putu Dunia, said the Air Force’s Sukhoi jets and choppers carried out routine sorties in the morning, but not as far as Bone. (bbs)

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