Carrefour insists not monopoly
despite KPPU ruling

French-based retail giant Carrefour has questioned the results of a Business Competition Supervisory Commission's (KPPU) study one month before the commission issues a verdict on the firm’s alleged monopolistic practices.

The KPPU has begun investigating the allegedly unfair business practices carried out by Carrefour in the country’s retail sector following its acquisition of supermarket operator PT Alfa Retailindo.

The commission suspects the Alfa takeover has violated the 1999 anti-monopoly law.

Irawan Kadarman, Carrefour’s corporate communications director, told the press on Wednesday the KPPU's examination was not fair and was based on unqualified evidence.

"The KPPU has seemed to use evidence and documents partially. They have particularly ignored those coming from our side. They chose to base their examination on other unqualified evidence instead," he said.

"For example, the examination uses Wikipedia and Google Maps as their base data, which are invalid," he added.

Irawan added the KPPU had summoned them for one questioning session only.

If the KPPU does not rule in favor of Carrefour, Irawan said that he was ready to file an appeal against the verdict that was scheduled for November.

“Carrefour’s stance will be the same. Our company does not monopolize the market and does not break any trade laws,” Irawan said.

He reiterated the company’s position based on AC Nielsen’s recent research, after the acquisition, Carrefour’s market share was only 17 percent. (bbs)

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