Agnes says it’s phat
to be healthy

JP/Arief Suhardiman

JAKARTA: Entertainer Agnes Monica is known for trying different things with her professional image, transitioning from cute child entertainer to teen queen of TV series and also pushing the artistic envelope in her music videos.

Now 23, Agnes is also trying a new look, with a shorter haircut and a leaner physique after shedding 10 kilograms from her 1.65 meter frame this year. Although this year’s MTV best artist and favorite female artist acknowledges that some people have queried her dramatic transformation, she says she is simply trying to get into better shape.

“I didn’t think to myself ‘oh, I’m so fat’ when I was bigger. I did it because I wanted to be healthier, and also to have a more toned appearance,” Agnes, who now weighs 48 kg, said Monday. “It wasn’t just about getting slim.”

After bulking up a couple of years ago by lifting weights, she decided this year to focus on cardio training with a personal trainer, working out almost every day in between performances and getting her political science degree from Oregon State University through distance learning.

She also carefully watches what she eats. That means no more gorengan [fried snacks], replaced by steamed and baked choices. “I can go off my diet on the weekend if I want to, but I really try to be disciplined.”

Although Agnes believes there is a “double standard” in the way women are more likely to be judged by their physical appearance, she says her new look is part of the worldwide movement to better health.

“You can be heavy and unhealthy, or heavier and healthy, and the same is true for thinner people,”
she says.

“My friends and family are supportive of me because they know I have done this the healthy way by exercising and eating right.” — JP

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