‘The Dreamer’ brings
Andrea to tears


JAKARTA: It’s one thing reading about your childhood memories in a book.  Seeing them unfurl on the silver screen is a whole different experience.

“I’ve seen Sang Pemimpi [The Dreamer] three times now. And I cried each time,” said author of the novel of the same title, Andrea Hirata, as quoted by news portal kapanlagi.com on Tuesday.

“When I saw the movie, it was like a blast from the past since much of it was part of my childhood,” Andrea added.

The story told in Sang Pemimpi is part of Andrea’s tetralogy, which recounts the lives of children
growing up in Bangka Belitung in the 1980s.

Much of it was based on the author’s own experience. Sang Pemimpi is the second in a series of films –  after Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) – brought to the silver screen by director Riri Riza and producer Mira Lesmana.

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