Artalyta to share small
cell with four inmates

Gone is the exclusive treatment for bribery convict Artalyta Suryani as she has to share a cell in Tangerang women penitentiary with four other inmates.

Artalyta will be placed in a 2.5m x 3m cell in the Mawar pavilion of the women prison along with graft convict Darmawati Dareho and drug abuse convict Aling after the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights transferred them from Pondok Bambu penitentiary in East Jakarta on Thursday night.

Tangerang women prison warden Arti Wirastuti said Friday the three convicts would undergo a quarantine process and a health check before moving to their new cells.

Arti added there would be no special treatment for any inmate in the prison. “We have never provided luxurious facilities to inmates, no matter who they are. Everybody is treated equally here,” she said.

The judicial corruption tasks force discovered in an impromptu visit to Pondok Bambu prison on Sunday night Artalyta and Aling enjoyed exclusive facilities, including air conditioner, flat-screen TV, computer and springbed.

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