Aburizal denies attempt
to unseat Sri Mulyani

Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie on Monday denied that he or his party had attempted to unseat Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, and reiterated that Golkar would remain inside the coalition of parties supporting the government.

Aburizal’s spokesperson, Lalu Mara Satriawangsa, said that the last time Aburizal met with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, they had discussed the issue of Papua, and how to resolve problems in Papua through improving people’s welfare.

Aburizal, or popularly known as Ical, was Yudhoyono’s coordinating minister of people’s welfare in the previous Cabinet.

“Pak Ical never discussed [the fate of Mulyani] with the President. This is the President’s prerogative right,” Mara said referring to The Jakarta Post’s reports on Monday.

The report said Sri Mulyani may be replaced in February when politicians would arrange an exit strategy to end the Bank Century bailout case.

Mara maintained that as a coalition member, Golkar would play a “constructive” role in the House of Representatives inquiry committee for the Bank Century bailout.

“The House inquiry committee is not there to topple certain public officials but to uncover the truth in the Bank Century case, so this government will no longer be burdened by unfounded rumors,” he said.

Mara added that during the Golkar Party’s internal meetings last week, Aburizal reiterated that the party was a member of collation of parties supporting the government.

“As a member of the coalition, our duty is give the government constructive input. Golkar’s focus is not on power, but rather how Golkar can contribute to improving people’s welfare through various activities,” he said.

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