Antasari gets 18 years
in jail for murder, set
to appeal

The South Jakarta District Court convicted former Corruption Eradication Commission chief Antasari Azhar of masterminding the murder of state company director Nasrudin Zulkarnaen and sentenced him to 18 years in jail on Thursday.

Antasari, however, said he would challenge the verdict, which is more lenient than a death sentence sought by state prosecutors.

The panel of judges told a court hearing all evidence presented during the trial had strongly proven the involvement of Antasari in the murder, which occurred in March 2009.

"We have learned that the defendant had met Sigid Hermawan Wibisono and Williardi Wizard [two other defendants in the case] to discuss the way to eliminate the terror he was facing," presiding judge Herri Swantoro said.

"By giving the pictures of the victim and its cars to Williardi, there is no doubt that the defendant had given chances and reasons to other people [to commit the murder]"

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